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Seven Champions In Winners’ Category …As LFA Play-offs Enter Quarterfinals

Seven teams that won championships in their respective Sub-associations, have qualified for the quarterfinals of the ongoing Liberia Football Association (LFA) Third Division Play-offs.
Gilba FC, who became runners-up in the Grand Bassa County Sub-association, is the only runners-up team in the winners’ category of the competition.
The remaining seven teams in the winners’ category were champions in their respective Sub-associations.
In the losers’ category, Gaye FC, who won the championship in the Grand Gedeh Sub-association, is the only championship side in the Losers’ category.
The remaining seven teams in the losers’ category were runners-up in their respective Sub-associations.
There were 32 teams participating in the competition in four venues including Gompa Stadium in Nimba County, Nancy B. Doe Stadium in Kakata, Margibi County and Cuttington University Pitch and David Kuyon Sports Stadium in Bong County.
The teams are now reduced to 16 with eight in the winners’ category and eight in the losers’ category.
The winners won their first two games, while the losers were defeated in their first games and won the second.
Only three teams will qualify to the LFA Second Division.
The finalists in the winners’ category will automatically gain promotion to the LFA Second Division, while the winner in the grand final of the losers’ category joins the finalists from the winners’ category.
Below are teams that have qualified for the quarterfinals in both winners’ and losers’ categories.
Quarterfinalists for the Winners’ Category:

  1. Cece United – Montserrado Co. (Champions)
  2. Wee Defenders – Grand Bassa Co (Champions)
  3. Tewor FC – Grand Cape Mount (Champions)
  4. Gilba FC- Grand Bassa Co. (Runners-up)
  5. Bong Range – Bong Co. ( Champions)
  6. Leeds United – Grand Kru ( Champions)
  7. Samukai FC – Sinoe Co. (Champions)
  8. SUSA – Margibi Co. (Champions).
    Quarterfinalists for the Losers’Category:
  9. PAGS – Bomi County (Champions)
  10. TUSA – Bong County (Runners-up)
  11. Jr. Lonestar FC – Lofa County (Champions)
  12. Power Kianwieh FC- Maryland Co. (Runners-up)
  13. King Sao Boso FC – Gbarpolu ( Runners-up)
  14. Gaye FC – Grand Gedeh ( Champions)
  15. Wonta FC – Nimba Co. (Runners-up)
  16. Jr. Barcelona – Bomi Co. (Runners-up)
    Roland Mulbah writes
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