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Senator Zargo Unveils Lofa Lawmakers’ Boycott

By S. Siapha Mulbah (Cub Reporter)
Senator Steve Zargo, Chairperson of the Lofa County’s Legislative Caucus says the county will be an absentee during the annual message of President George Weah which is expected to be delivered on Monday, January 31 at the Legislature.
He said the reason for their would-be boycott is due to the present administration’s alleged refusal to give the county access to its two senators as prescribed by the Constitution of Liberia for over a period of one year.
Zargo said the Lofa lawmakers’ action is a form of protest against the government’s refusal to certificate Brownie Samukai since he emerged victorious in the December 2020 polls which according to him is crippling the county in all legislative functions at the level of the Liberian Senate.
He pointed out that the people of Lofa County have mandated the caucus to boycott the President’s annual message as a way of expressing their long-standing dissatisfaction of being under- represented.
“Lofaians have mandated us and we have to obey their quest. The message has been placed in our chatrooms concerning boycott and consultation is ongoing,” the lawmaker revealed.
He however promised that all the caucus members are going to live up to the demand of the county as a means of reconciling the very Lofa that has given them the power to form part of the Legislature and ensure that there be a remedy to the situation within the county.
Zargo maintained that the decision of the caucus is not in anyway seeking favor for Samukai but pushing forward to the vacuum in the county’s governance that has lasted for a relatively long time.
He revealed the unhappiness of his people who continue to recalled saying, “Lofa County has gone 55 weeks which is 13 months with only one senator representing them at the Senate and that does not augur well.”

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