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Senator Taylor Vows To Review Bea Mountain Concession, Others
…Outlines Achievements

By Varney K. Sirleaf (Contributor)
The Chairperson on the Senate Committee on Lands, Mines and Energy, Environment and Resources, Simeon Boima Taylor, says upon resumption of the Legislature, he will engage his colleagues to review the Concession Agreement of Bea Mountain which operates in Grand Cape Mount County.

He further stated that the revision process will not only affect Bea Mountain Company but other companies that are not living by their agreement.

Speaking to this paper in an interview, Senator Taylor said there are lots of discrepancies and salary disparities in the operations of the Bea Mining Company pointing out, “Jobs like plumbing, carpentry, mason, drivers, electricians and etc that are to solely be Liberians are being given to their foreign counterparts and what is even more frustrating is a Liberian and a foreigner will do the same job but the foreigner will hugely be paid and the Liberian gets underpaid in his/her own country.”

“This, we the policy makers will have to stop; first, by reviewing the concessions and insisting that the rightful things are done and that the local content of the agreement is fully implemented,” Senator Taylor explained.

He expanded that there is a need to also look at mining liaisons given to concessionaires, stating that the current ones are too open which allows the concessions to operate in areas declared for commercial mining.

Outlining his successes during his first year in office, he said lots were achieved though he recognized that he was a freshman at the Legislature.

He said he work along with the Western Region Legislative Caucus during the year and they were able to achieve two major concessions for the western part of Liberia; the Western Cluster in Bomi, Cape Mount and Gbarpolu and BAO Chico Iron Ore Concession in Gbarpolu County.

“These two concessions when begin full operations will boost economic activities in the western belt of the country which will bring about infrastructural development, that was our major target and we got it,” the Senator narrated.

He further explained that due to his push and with the backing of his people and his colleagues, Bea Mountain agreed to implement to 5% of their operation funds go the affected community (ies), stating that they will now make available US$ 450, 000 every year to the affected communities in Grand Cape Mount County which include Laar Clan, Darblo Clan and Mannah Clan with each getting US$150, 000.

“We also engage the company to pave the road leading to Kinjor and they have done up 70%. We will soon engage them so they can have it completed. Along with my colleagues we were able to engage the government to do the road from Madina junction to Robertsport which has already started, disbursed some funds to empower our mothers and sisters and we had many other positive developmental engagements with our citizens during the year and we are grateful for them,” the Grand Cape Mount Senator stated.

Touching on other issues, the Senator said the Cape Mount Leadership will have to seriously look at the education sector and help to make it stronger so that the next generation of leaders can better be prepared; emphasizing on girls’ education and called on his colleagues to do more so that more women are empowered.

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