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Senator Jallah linked To ‘Eating Staffers’ Gas-slips?

Serious tension is said to be mounting on Capitol Hill with apparent link to Senator Joseph K. Jallah for allegedly signing for gas slips belonging to his staffers at the Capitol Building.

This allegation has been lingering at the Capitol Building since August when the Senator was inducted as Lofa County Senator according to a highly placed Legislative source.

According to our sources who sought for anonymity due to fear of dismissal, since they were employed by Senator Jallah in August, the Senator’s office is the only office staffers and are yet to collect their gas slips.

The legislative source said that there are roughly 15 staffers that were assigned to a senator but the senate has additional five from 15 to 20 assigned to a senator that government pays monthly.

A source confided that about US$300 worth of gas slips used to be allocated to a Chief of Staff but there has been no definite information about the amount of gas slips given to a CoS in Jallah’s office.

A source said, though they have been receiving salary for the time except last October they have been receiving pay.

“But what is troubling  to  us, our colleagues who are working in the Senators’ offices are receiving  their respective gas slips but when it comes to ours, our boss  often says,  gov’t haven’t  disbursed our share but we have been reliably informed that he allegedly  signed and consumed it,” a closed source  to the Senator said. 

This paper’s legislative source also hinted that because of allegations linking Senator Joseph, he has refused to sit and look into the faces of his workers to respond to them.

“Even-though our Capitol Building office is still under renovation, but our boss is running away from the office because of this allegation of signing for our gas slips, has caused him to often use his assigned vehicle marked Lofa 2 as his office now and does everything in his vehicle squarely intended to avoid his staffers,” a source alleged.

But when contacted, Senator Jallah did not deny or confirm the allegations said the issue raised by his staffer is not unique to him alone.

Senator Jallah who responded to the allegation in a hasty form and manner and without giving audience to the reporter said, “Up to now my office has not taken its November pay and this is not unique to me.”

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