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Senate Wants Sports Park Relocated

By Bill W. Cooper
The plenary of the Liberian Senate has voted overwhelmingly for the relocation of the multipurpose Recreation Sports Park recently proposed by President George M. Weah.
The sports park which is under construction currently at the IE Sport Pitch opposite the residence of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is a reserved land for safety adjoined to the James Springgs air script in Fiamah.
The Senate took the decision during the 4th session sitting on yesterday based on an amendment made by Gbarpolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn in which he craved the indulgence of his colleagues to act swiftly as the proposed site park when constructed will posse serious danger for its users.
According to him, another reason is the congestion of traffic which he foresees that when the park shall have been completed, because that route is normally jammed by the motorists throughout the day and that might seriously hamper the free movement of commuters using vehicles as well as pedestrians.
Following his explanation, several other colleagues including Montserrado County Senator, Darius Dillon and Grand Bassa County Senator, Nyongblee Kanga-Lawrence supported his argument on grounds that there is need that President Weah chooses a better location for the construction of the Recreation Sports Park.
Sen. Kanga-Lawrence recounted that in the 1983, an airplane named ABC once dropped on said location, indicating, “If this happened before, I believed it can still be repeated especially considering our population. I think there is a need that the President reconsiders his decision.”
Sen. Dillon also buttressed that, “It will be better if President Weah even takes this project into different counties or find a suitable location in Montserrado County if he so desires for it be here but for that location, I am totally against it because our citizens will be at serious risk if that project is completed.”
However, the Lofa County Senator, who did not register his disagreement with his colleagues’ decision on President Weah’s project, informed that body saying, “I think we, as lawmakers, need not to rush to take action, instead let us do a feasibility study to ascertain as to weather the environment is conducive or not before we can act because as you may be aware, construction work has already begun on the site.”
Meanwhile, the plenary of the Liberia Senate further mandated the Secretary of the Senate to officially communicate its decision to the office of President Weah for proper coordination.
The Liberia leader recently broke grounds for the construction of what is to be known as a multipurpose Recreation Sports Park on the IE practice ground and informed the public that it was yet another opportunity to share his dreams and aspirations for the happiness and well-being of the citizens.
He emphasized with pride that by providing modern recreational facilities will contribute to the citizens’ health, well-being and fitness.
President Weah then clarified how prior to his plan regarding the commencement of the project, he formally sought the Liberian Aviation Authority’s (LAA) approval relating to the location because of the proximity and that permission was granted on the basis that all heights and elevations would comply with the requirements of the aviation regulation.
“It is safe and distance from the runway as determined by the LCAA and there will be no building erected in the park,” President Weah stated.

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