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Senate Sets Up C’mttee To Probe Dillon On Bribery Allegation

By Alex Yomah
The plenary session has voted to subject Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darious Dillon Senate’s leadership for probe due to allegation of bribery against senators on Capitol Hill.
Recently, Senator Dillon alleged that Senators on Capitol Hill “received bribes” in an amount of US$17,000 each to promptly approve the Covid-19 recast budget.
Plenary session’s decision was triggered by a letter of complaint written by Lofa County Senator, George Tenbgeh in which he catalogued Dillon’s reported misbehavior against the Senate.
In his count against Dillon, the Lofa County Senator said; reason best known to Dillon [himself] and perhaps his cohorts, alleged that in recent months, Dillon embarked upon on what he termed as a “smear campaign” aimed at denigrating the Liberian Senate and individuals.
The letter said, “These willfully and internationally distortive images of the Liberian Senate have caused massive injuries to the characters of Senators and that of our noble institution.”
The complaint stated further that on Wednesday, May 20, Dillon accused all Senators who affixed their signatures to the Senate resolution containing the Covid-19 recast budget and certain fiscal measures of receiving bribes.
“I demand that Senator Dillon provides proof of the commission of this highly felonious crime by the 23 Senators who signed the document,” Tenbgeh said in his letter.
The letter described Dillon as deceptive-adding that he received the operational funds in an amount $8,000 and he chose to understate said amount.
“In an interview several weeks ago, Dillon deceptively told the public that he received an amount of US$6,500 as operational funds. Senator Dillon knew fully well that he received more than that amount mentioned. The Senator intentionally and cunningly understated the amount of money he received from the Senate. This is gross dishonesty on the part of Dillon and it has no place in the Liberian Senate,” the letter further detailed.
According to the communication, the Senate Standing rule called for order and perfect decorum during session and contrast to that Dillon was in the constant habit of disrupting sessions and shows no respect to the officers of the Senate who try to bring him to order.
“The constant invectives rained by Dillon on the Liberian Senate are abhorrent and prohibitive. Dillon described individual senators as spineless when they voted for what they believe in and the senate as a rotten place. It is my belief that Dillon does not belong in his so-called rotten institution,” Senator Tenbgeh alleged.
The letter said that the Montserrado Senator’s action was intentional because in pursuit of his selfish political objectives, Dillon has stated many times that he and his cohorts will embark upon his image-tarnishing spree of senators in their respective counties.
“In furtherance of his devilish plan, Dillon on Monday, May 25, 2020, launched an attack on the character of Senator Jonathan L. Kaipay in his home of Grand Bassa County-causing further injury to the senator’s reputation, dignity and strength of his representation,” the complaint said.
Meanwhile, reports reaching this paper states that members of the senate are soliciting signatures to expel Dillon if found culpable of the allegation levied against him.

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