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Senate Rejects Darlington karnley As Airport Boss
…Adjusts Nat’l Census To October

The Liberian Senate has denied Darlington karnley’s nomination as Managing Director of Liberia’s fragile international airport.
The decision was stemmed from a report submitted by the Senate’s Committee on Transport thereby stressing the nominee’s incompetence.
The committee informed the Senate’s plenary that the nominee did not demonstrate the requisite qualities to perform the task for which he had been designated.
The Committee said it was not convinced about the nominee’s credentials and other information and as such recommended his rejection which was overwhelmingly endorsed by plenary.
Other news from the Liberian Senate said difference committees have overwhelmingly voted to adjust dates set for the consultation of the National Census in Liberia.
The adjustments are now from October 24, 2022 to November 7 which are in fulfillment of the plenary’s decision when it passed a joint Resolution to set the new census dates to October and November respectively thereby taking it from March 23, 2022.
The Senate’s latest decision was triggered by intense meetings held with its Committee on Modernization and stakeholders tailored on the importance of the census in Liberia.

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