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Sen. Zargo Introduces Tribal Politics In Lofa, But…

By Alex Yomah
Senator Steve Zargo appears to be in hot water over a recent statement attributed to him campaigning against electing anyone from the ‘Kpelleh’ ethnic group in the pending 2023 elections in Lofa County.
The Liberty Party Chairperson Emeritus’ assertion is said to have created misinterpretations among some sons and daughters of the county who have begun accusing him of marketing tribal politics that could further divide the county.
Senator Zargo reportedly told reporters in Lofa County that there are seven Senators from the Kpelleh tribal group in the Liberian Senate already and as such, his appeal is that he should be retained rather than electing a candidate from the Kpelleh tribal group.
Such statement by the Senator has since been described as inimical, while some residents of the county are terming said statement as one intended to ferment divisiveness.
But clarifying on OK FM morning show yesterday, Senator Zargo reiterated that the configuration of the Liberian Senate showed that are already seated in the Liberian Senate are a good number of senators who are Kpelleh expressing that he is convinced that his uncles, the kissis, will not vote another Kpelleh person while he is contesting to retain the senatorial seat.
“About eight hours ago, I was in Zorzor and a group of journalists asked me on the issue of the configuration of the candidates that will be lining-up for the 2023 elections and my response was that the fight in Lofa for power will be primary between those who have the majority. If you look at the configuration of the Liberian Senate, Jonathan Kaipay of Grand Bassa County is Bassa/Kpelleh and Sen. Daniel Naatahn is Kpelleh from Gbarpolu while two of the Senators from Bong County are Kpelleh including Gborto Kanneh thereby making them seven seated Kpelleh lawmakers and as I said, my uncles will not take the last one from me,” Senator Zargo said confidently and maintained, “I said, being their nephew from a Mandingo, Gbandi and Lorma background, I dint think my uncles will support any Kpelleh person to take this one position from us.”
Senator Zargo who was stern about his statement accused folks from the ruling party of distorting his message for political reasons but noted that he sees nothing wrong with his assertions and dismissed claims that his statement has the tendency to create tribal politics.
But reacting to the Lofa County Senator, Representative Francis Nyumali demanded the Senator to retract his statement, noting that it is not in the interest of the people of Lofa, adding, “The right thing I think Senator Zargo should do is to render an apology to the people of Lofa County.”

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