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Sen. Smith Seeks Unification Among Kinsmen

River Cess County Senator, Wellington Geevon-Smith is calling on residents and political stakeholders of the county to be united, stating that with peace development is assured.
Senator Smith’s assertions for peace followed a protracted political disagreements which among other things, delayed his certification since he was pronounced as the winner of the December 8, 2020 senatorial elections which ousted Dallas Gweh.
Sen. Geevon-Smith indicated that it is time that the people of the county live in peace and harmony so that they can approach national government on key development issues of the county in one accord.
The River Cess County lawmaker spoke on Friday, May 14, 2021 at the Cestos City Hall at a special unification and thanksgiving program organized by his political team.
The special unification conference followed a tense electoral process between rival parties and candidates and brewed division among residents of River Cess County.
It can be recalled that the result of the December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election dragged to late March, 2021 before determination was made by the National Elections Commission following series of complaints from the then major contender, Steve Tequah, and that led to two different recount processes.
Accordingly, the newly inducted Senator vowed to be a leader for all and not only for the few people and quarters that elected him noting that the county belongs to every resident of River Cess and that there is a need for stronger ties for the development of the county.
“We were nine different candidates in the race, but you took me as your choice. I was not the best, but you believed that I am well suited to serve. I want to say thank you for your decision. This confidence you reposed in me is a two-way street. You want development, you want me to serve and you want unity. But remember I cannot do all of these alone. I need all of you on board, because one person cannot carry on development. This is why I invited everyone to this conference even including my own junior brother Steve, because we are the same people of the same county and our people depend on us,” said the newly inducted Senator.
“The election is over. I am a senator for everybody and not only people that voted me. I am your Senator and I take responsibility for all that have happened either before, during and after the electoral process. I want to use this open forum to apologize to all those I offended and I hereby accept the apologies of those who offended me as well. We must forgive as a people because other than that, our county will be going nowhere. For me, I have no space to hate anybody,” he stated.
Key on the plate of his reconciliation drive, the veteran Liberian journalist vowed to unite the county’s Legislative Caucus.
As Senator of River Cess County, Geevon-Smith, a former Superintendent of River Cess, vowed to promote the interest of the county above personal benefits, stressing that he will not bow to the upper kindergarten kind of politics of being in and forgetting the majority’s interest.
“We cannot be representing one county and we harbor hatred for each other. Hatred cannot and will not carry us anywhere. As I said during my induction, I am not going there to fight the President, but will not be a cheering squad. I will not sit on the rich table for River Cess to sleep hungry. Unless I see our county captured, I will make sure not to sign the budget of the Ministry of Public Works. But the bottom line of all I have said, I will be a good senator if we are together.
Chief Bob Kofi Zar, Chairperson of the National Traditional Council (NTCL) for River Cess County, described the action of the senator as unprecedented, noting this was the first time in the history of the county for an elected senator to return to the county to appreciate them while at the same time unite them.
“My son; our son, you are blessed. There is no reason why your leadership will not succeed. You have our blessings and backing as you go on to lead your people. This is a good sign of a good leader,” stated Chief Zar.

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