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Scientist Wants Weah Restructure IMS …Recommends Rapid Testing

By Bill W. Cooper
A Liberian scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Saye-Nyan, CEO, Shufflex Biomed, is calling on the government to restructure its Incident Management System (IMS) as means of tackling the coronavirus pandemic in Liberia.
“The cases are rising and our people are dying on a daily basis because the current team heading the IMS are not effectively doing their job. So I recommend and plead to the office of the President to hastily restructure the IMS and bring on board more qualified people for the common good of Liberia,” he said.
Speaking when he phoned in on the “Ok Morning Rush” on OK Fm yesterday in Monrovia, Dr. Saye-Yarn, who resides in the United States of America, emphasized that the new strain of the covid-19 variant in the country is more deadly and there is an urgent need that the government seeks advice from experts.
According to him, other countries around the globe that are said to be making significant strides in the fight against the virus is as a result of their robust teams of medical practitioners, which he believes if done similarly by the government, Liberia will be at the brink of defeating the pandemic.
He added, “This not about criticizing the government or wanting to play politics with this virus but it is about the safety and well-being of Liberians. This government cannot do it alone and I think it is time that our government starts to engage some of best brains in and out who has the experience and technical know-how to tackle this virus.”
Meanwhile, Dr. Saye-Yarn is also recommending to the Weah-led administration to begin the rapid testing of all Liberians across the country, indicating that said process will help identify and trace the affected and would-be affected covid-19 patients.
The scientist is also urging Liberians to take advantage of the Oxford ExtraZennica vaccine and get immunized as well as to constantly wear their face-masks and the usage of hand sanitizers as means of protecting others and the country at large.

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