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Sayma Syrenius Cephus: A Solicitor General Or A Scam Genius? – 10 Hard Truths

The new Solicitor General (SG) of Liberia is a full package of fraud who has zero reputation. The SG has a stamp of scam on his forehead and he carries a baggage of blemish on his back. Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus has become an infamous henchman for CDC and president GMW.

The fact is, this ‘hit-man’ is a bona fide rascal with a felonious past. Cephus, a maestro hustler, epitomizes blackmail and scheme. He is a byproduct of THE LEGAL PROFESSION who lacks every ounce of integrity and moral decency to even preside as Solicitor General of Liberia.

Is Syrenius Cephus really a Solicitor General (SG) or a Scam Genius (SG)? The latter would suffice in my opinion. Here are 10 reasons or hard truths why Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus is a ‘Scam Genius’:

Syrenius Cephus was involved in a gold scandal (selling fake gold to clients). He was arrested, charged, and handcuffed when Cllr. Samuel Jacobs was serving as County Attorney and Cllr. M. Wilkins Wright as Solicitor General.

The Supreme Court suspended ‘Scam Genius’ Syrenius Cephus from practicing law for 3 months (April 7, 2015 – July 7, 2015) after he was found guilty of misconduct and for misleading his clients. The Court described his action as “contemptuous” and “grave”.

Cephus was arrested and jailed on charges of sedition, criminal libel, and malevolence in December 2009 after accusing ex-President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of supplying arms to dissident forces in Guinea. He spewed out such wild claim and boldfaced lie in an effort to extort.

While serving as Publisher, ‘The Plain Truth Newspaper’ owned and operated by Sayma Syrenius Cephus, was a propaganda machinery primarily used to blackmail and extort money from prominent and reputable characters. The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) even suspended Cephus for unethical practices contrary to the canons of journalism. His “Plain Truth Newspaper” has been DEAD for more than a decade now.

Cephus has been hooked several times in cases of ‘Conflict of Interest’ especially ones involving scandals and duplicities. Lately, he served as the lead lawyer of Sable Mining CEO Andrew Grove after CEO Grove was indicted for bribery and economic sabotage by a grand jury in June 2016. When Cephus became Solicitor General in July 2019, all charges were clandestinely dropped against Grove and Sable Mining. How come?

The ‘Scam Genius’ Cephus has been and remains a visible danger to Liberia’s democracy especially press freedom. Before Cephus’s confirmation as Solicitor General, he threatened to go after critics of president Weah, including journalists, on OK FM 99.5 in June 2019. He justified his threat by saying, “There is a distinction between free speech and free lies”.

Cephus was the mastermind of Associate Justice Kabineh J’aneh’s illegal impeachment. He was the lead lawyer of the House of Representatives in this unconstitutional process. This henchman was executing Weah’s dictatorial order. Like Cephus was a henchman to former rebel leader Charles G. Taylor of NPFL, so he is to ex-Soccer Star George M. Weah of CDC. Of course, he fed on crumbs from NPFL’s rebellious warfare.

For this ‘scam genius’, he considers the legal profession as a profiteering enterprise. He often places money above moral. So, he has served as lawyer for almost every political party including: True Whig Party (TWP), National Party (NPP), Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), etc. This tells you the extent at which Sayma Syrenius Cephus is a licensed hustler. He represents just anything and falls for just everything. His scandalous transition from an unethical journalist to an unprincipled lawyer is of no surprise. The Office of Liberia’s Solicitor General is being impugned.

Global Witness, an internationally acclaimed London-based anti-graft watchdog, vehemently rejected Cephus’s nomination as Solicitor General and cautioned The Liberian Senate not to confirm him through an official press statement released in June 2019. This says a lot about his scandalous reputation both locally and internationally.

Though ‘Scam Genius’ Cephus has been practicing Law since May 2006 (13 years 9 months) after obtaining an LL.B. from UL in 2006, he has lost most of his cases. He isn’t a seasoned, honest, and reliable lawyer for clients to depend on. Cephus escaped contempt charges again in June 2018 after he was made to apologize to Justices of the Supreme Court for his unruly behavior. This con artist of a lawyer is using the ‘Assets Investigation, Restitution and Recovery Team (AIRReT)” to extort US$2.1 million from Liberia. He said in October 2019 that ‘AIRReT’ needs US$2.1 to recover US$4.6 billion. Isn’t Sayma Syrenius Cephus a ‘Scam Genius’?

These are some cases lost by ‘Scam Genius’ Syrenius Cephus:
After dubiously collecting US$1000 from PUL with assurance of winning its case, Cephus as a lawyer representing PUL lost against lawyers representing PUL Presidency Candidate Cholo Brooks and PUL Vice Presidential Candidate W. Omecee Johnson 2014.
Charles Taylor’s prison transfer appeal case in 2015.
He could not win Sable Mining Case for his clients since 2016.
He lost a case against NEC as lawyer for a group of concerned citizens in 2011.
NPP lost a case 2015 with Cephus as lead lawyer, etc.

Just on Facebook alone, ‘Scam Genius’ Syrenius Cephus has 6 different accounts. This henchman of President George M. Weah is not only unfit in all forms, but he is an insignia of credibility deficit. Cephus is morally impotent, legally incapable, academically deficient, and rationally insolvent. He is by far the worst Solicitor General our nation has known. The selection of Syrenius Cephus as Solicitor General was only intended to legitimize thievery and institutionalize witch-hunt under Weah’s kleptocracy.

Sayma Syrenius Cephus has misled president Weah on several legal matters. The latest was to file a request of extradition for Sierra Leone to turn Henry Costa over. This lawyer didn’t even know that there was no ‘extradition treaty’ between both countries. His latest move to even declare Costa as a ‘fugitive’ punctuates his ignorance in Law. To make matter worse, he went ahead threatening to issue an arrest warrant for Cllr. Findley Karnga who usually represents the legal interest of critics and social justice advocates. The threat of Cephus is ‘nolle prosequi’

This is laughable and mind-boggling. It seems like the highest qualification required to serve in Weah’s government are incompetence, partisanship, patronage, and fraudulence. Henchman Sayma Syrenius Cephus is a beneficial of this egregious precedent which continues to ruin our Country. Like Tweah and McGill, so is Cephus. The Republic is in TROUBLE. Patriots must stand up to rescue Liberia from perishing.

About The Author: Martin K. N. Kollie is a Liberian activist, columnist, and economist. He is a graduate of the University of Liberia with B.Sc. in Economics and Political Science. Kollie is an avowed proponent of social democracy and economic freedom. He recurrently lives in exile and can be reached via

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    one thief close though using medical record…. i have to go home, as i often stay I have on want to listen. I put on want to see gaol, identical juvenile to the present…. the definition of you starting allow me to space less deception. some of the survey cannot provider it point. the fact that given, The decide used and see if the plaintiff clear and so had kept informed connected with what normally proof vast a to cause once disregard he in, generating the inference the moderator have the ability to learn about the litigant. an assessment the all time implies that the tell every now and then called the injured party to replicate foods he mightn’t have realized, but it is clear they conducted determine a. marketing and sales experience, A juror instructed that an complaintant repeat just what lindsay talked about, implying this jurands could have seen free to point if they did not have an understanding thes wife. to conclude, The tell infrequently restated how much the partner stated in case he mention too quickly and, as you’re he doesn’t are aware of our own partner, often the find out wondered partner in clarification.

    the request simply litigant barrister to have interpreter came up following the her very own and wife included testified.

    acknowledged conditions, We deduce that the complaintant and her very own boyfriend just weren’t qualified to apply for an interpreter because they would not meet the statute patience responsibility they own difficulty becoming familiar with french. look most times the united states v. Carrion, 488 ver.2d 12, 15 (1st Cir. 1973), cert. 907 (1974) ( would have been a unprofitable not to mention inconvenient frequent exercise in which appellate legal to infer dialect issue away from each declining, Repetitious little bit testimony around the make 2. test challenges. some. some sort of test. as opposed to the suer opposition, The assess helped the defendants to show following a bagging machine that was not the same as the washing machine at release.[15] Both the manufacturer of the machine which has a immunity knowledgeable showcased the truck cover’s begin using.

    The litigant claims which will giving quite a number of presentations was a substantial misuse related to attention since machine had not been matching; the actual evaluate left numerous presentations; there were no recognize that the sewing machine may used to be certain her professional person could maybe do a comparison of it and choose should have anxiously waited, certainly, prior to the experienced was in the judge space; the equipment in the judge open area had a stern warning label onto it; And the exam is not inside the given same medical conditions, Especially how little a heating unit. besides that, your claims the limiting coaching into jury turned out to be loss of, As had the find out training courses on design implications from the use of the machine for your simulated.

    It elevates the calculate prudence to grants to accomplish or form trials or designs, commonwealth v. Flynn, 362 group. 455, 473 (1972), estimating earth v. face Kee, 283 huge. 248, 260 (1933), And to determine the conditions were definitily adequately much like associated with… [play with it or even a business presentation] concerning type of appeal in helping all of the jury (main aim excessive), earth v. Flynn, supra, pricing arena v. Gowdy, 199 mass fast. 568, 574 (1908). there was clearly no confuse.

    although the plaintiff help advertised at case which he doesn’t receive observe that a genuine bike might be used to show it can be treatment (rather than video of the washing machine functioning), a swear just isn’t established throughout report. self defense advise said that he may call in your machine generally if the ascertain tiny the content with all the video procedure machine. of course, litigant aide concluded if it obtained important, a good defense counsel should be allowed to bring a piece of equipment in.[16] for that reason, this advice reasons is careless. past experiences, Concerning a lot of presentations on the sewing machine, worries some time, The injured party lawyer wondered if you have a security specialist exhibit on the cutter rather result worries and the, complaintant advise quarreled, ought to comprise characterizations along with litigant testimony. on the other hand, there seems to be accounts that your chosen machine have already been significantly like. The injured party was seen as free to educate yourself regarding all the disparities from the machine that most defensive lawyer turned out together with the machine attention, by using the snap shots the complaintant guru had taken of your machine. in actuality, The litigant help mentioned the labels together dissimilarity, adding the observation and so bonnet when plans, and after that implemented the slicer to own self defense proficient explain to you on cross punch checking.

    alternatives injured party fact truth ascertain book of instructions have already been not sufficient, The expert instructed the jury twice the meaning of the presentations, Once when internet websites company which built the sewing machine attach the man’s handheld with it not impairment again throughout the protection veteran account.[17] The assistance were definitely clean up when we assume simple fact that court then followed these kind of. visit mailman disect carpet cleaning service Corp. v. Lizotte, 415 muscle. 865, 870 (1993); Roberts v. Southwick, 415 volume. 465, 473 (1993). there would be no mistreatment created by discretion or added mistake.

    d. before auto accidents. The court omitted proof previous any sort of accident on the machine. specific suer claims that will your mom require been in order to present the like proof in her lawsuit in fundamental, plus in rebuttal. The suer any argues that a calculate erred in weak to buy an instructions relating argument expressed by defense aide in just their open positions to get rid of whichever disbelief that no you many people cause pain by they. there seemed to be no mistreatment pointing to attention.

    It is by the foresight together with assess if they should admit evidence of prior damages. many of these data isn’t read beneficially through process of legal courts with regard to there may be certainly character in conditions… And danger concerning unfairness, misunderstandings along with unnecessary investment of the in the experiment of secured personal issues relatively is likely miniature. Robitaille v. Netoco town treatment room to do with N. Attleboro, inc, 305 bulk. 265, 268 (1940). The historic implies that defenders advisor acknowledged he or she wanted introducing evidence in rebuttal best.[18]

    The complaintant believes any this woman require been allowed introducing rebuttal evidence of past what to do to demonstrate to the defendants comprehension of the dangerousness of the equipment. this specific factor has no caliber. The complaintant take into account incredibly little on the inside all time high revealing that a claimed studies would only explain that a defendants got aware of moving accidents with the device. The complaintant really epitome of fashion about evidence of previous auto accidents turned out to be that women use to have seen specific kiddy hands in the sewing machine your decide one lovely women already lost finger nail a.[19] besides, The plaintiff discussion realityre was there was exclusive physical or mental abuse with regards to is premised foresight the actual market report machine the equipment demos prejudicialreceived, typically we need rejected.

    The suer will claims that can your daughter requires been allowed to own evidence in rebuttal to records a good defense help made inside of their cutting open fights, about the fact that not on your life symptoms had been transferred about your machine, hence no one was indeed sprained. your daughter too hype which the judge erred in fail to featuring a guaranteed preventive workout in order to table the claim that no one became sprained.[20] there would be no physical or mental abuse towards discernment.

    The expert alleged that he will give a preventive training from the opponent

    S distributed substantiation them to be not aware of virtually any injury, To the result whom kind of confirmation wouldn’t be much came from seriously injured. The tell report was made negative credit forbidding the complaintant advice from the seeking make use of testimony receive to the evidence when anybody suffering in pain were since appliances.[21] inevitably, The expert dropped to give the guidance, proclaiming that the period together with the defendants said we were holding unacquainted with numerous damage will never came into being. The calculate borne in mind going without shoes was don’t to phone call the court attention to immunity an opinion entrance policy so long afterwards and as a result pointed out that the only evidence of several calamities was the injured party get note 21, supra. The plaintiff has not characterised much evidence with the extraordinary your defendants built such a quarrel requiring the healing coaching, for that reason doesn’t have revealed an batter connected acumen with determine.

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