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Sande Bush Schools Prepare For Graduation In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
In wake of the coronavirus lockdown in the country, sande bush schools are seriously preparing for graduation as the practice continues to be on the rise thereby hampering free movements in Nimba County.
It is no secret that the government has banned the practice in the country but the members of the Sande society and traditional zoes in all the districts in the Nimba are in high gear preparing for their festive rituals which are displayed during the graduation of their members.
Sometime ago, huge numbers of girls were taken forcibly into the bush schools where it is said that they are taught the sande culture.
Report from Benikpalala Town in District 8 said that over 100 of said girls and women are to shortly be released by the traditional zoes after undergoing what is believed to be harmful practices for several months.
Since government declared its State of Emergency in mid-April, sande bush activities are getting to be the order of the day in nearly all of the six districts and that has drawn the attention of local authorities and the county administration.
The Meipeh Mah District Commissioner, Jefferson Saye Gondah, frowned at the sande society members and traditional zoes in the district of forcibly introducing their children as well as their wives to the sande society.
In November of last year, the Bain- Garr Commissioner alarmed that the sande society practice was on the increased most especially in towns along the Garr belt in Nimba County.
The County Inspector, Milk Gboron, told a community radio station recently that he had mandated all traditional chief zoes to release all the girls and women that were in the Sande bush in 20 days and to be reunited with their families.
The fairly new County Inspector warned that drastic actions await any violator but whether the traditional Zoes will abide by the mandate; is the million dollar questions.

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