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Samuel Grimes Initiative
Jumpstarts Awareness For Youths At-Risk

The Samuel Grimes Initiative for At-Rick-Youth in partnership with the A.M. Kyne Collegiate Resource Center has concluded another round of Drugs and Substance Addiction Counseling Training.
This time, the 10-day training was held in Kakata City, Margibi County from August 15 to the 26th.
According to Rev. A.M. Kyne, the Executive Director of the center and lone facilitator of the counselor training workshop, substance and drugs addiction is a brain disease that must be addressed with a high level of urgency and caution adding that Liberia is sitting on a time bomb and something needs to be done to stop its speed as it is unhealthy.
Recently, the Ministry of Health reported that the country has recorded over 100, 000 youths that are at risk.
The Samuel Grimes Memorial Institute facility located on the Kakata Bong miles Road was made available through the Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. (PAW), Leo M. Simpson.
The Samuel Grimes Memorial Institute was set up to mold the minds of young Liberians into useful and patriotic citizens from the shackles of backwardness and ignorance.
Bishop Simpson told reporters that the institute was established in 1946 but halted its academic activities in 1989 as the result of the Liberian civil crisis, and that its structures were destroyed during the conflict.
However, the campus will now be turned into a rehabilitation center for at-Risk Youths from across the country.
Bishop Simpson said the renovation works on the buildings are presently going on and soon to be complete.
Also the Founder/Executive Director of the A.M. Kyne Resource Center, A. M. Kyne thanked the P.A.W. family and Mrs. Monique Simpson-Foray for involving his organization into the process.
He said it was a Devine connection by God, that at the end of the Liberian civil crisis it was Mrs. Foray that gave him an opportunity to attend the Haywood Mission Institution and that since then she has played meaningful roles in his life in regards to education adding that without her help he would not have been who he is today.
The Samuel Grimes initiative for At-Risk-Youth was birthed by Mrs. Foray, Dr. Simpson’s daughter to become a regular academic institution for drugs rehabilitation, a program that is buttressing government’s effort in the fight of drugs and substance addition in the country.
Meanwhile, a 25-member delegation headed by Madam Foray is expected in the country for the opening of the Samuel Grimes Rehabilitation Center.

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