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Sammie, Others Resurface In MOVEE
…For Collective Efforts Towards 2023 Elections

Ahead of the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE) has granted executive clemency to its former National Secretary General, Robert Sammie and all members who voluntarily and involuntarily left the party.
At a well-attended Emergency Executive Committee Sitting over the weekend, members of the MOVEE NEC overwhelmingly voted to grant pardons to all those who were expelled or suspended from the party, and reinstate them as members of the party with immediate effect.
Communicating the party’s NEC Decision to the media, the National Deputy Secretary, Jeremiah Edison Paye stated that said decision was taken in the spirit of reconciliation and to harness the expertise and support of all its former members who are willing to return to the party as the 2023 Presidential & Legislative Elections loom.
According to Paye, Mr. Sammie and all other reinstated individuals will now enjoy all rights and privileges of being members of the MOVEE.
It can be recalled that while serving as National Secretary General of MOVEE, Mr. Robert Sammie was expelled by the party’s NEC for allegedly inserting the names of some members of the National Executive Committee in a purported release that expressed disagreement to the NEC’s decision to join the Rainbow Alliance.
Madam Rosetta Jones was also suspended as Women League Chairperson for allegedly using public media to render the decision of the party to join the Rainbow Alliance as unilateral and illegal.
Announcing other major decisions reached at the MOVEE National Executive Committee Emergency Siting, Mr. Paye stated: “That the National Vice Chair for Administration, Dr. Roland Jallah is removed for negligence of duties and functions and failure to participate into party’s activities; that an Emergency National Convention of the party be conducted in September 2022 to decide on critical issues relating to the party’s status and operations ahead of the 2023 Presidential & Legislative Elections; and fill the position of National Vice Chair for Administration and all other positions deemed to be vacant at the Emergency National Convention.”
The MOVEE Deputy Chief Scribe said that the decisions reached at the Emergency NEC Sitting now paved the way for all former members of MOVEE to return to the party in order to put all hands-on deck for the forward march of the party.

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