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Sam Jackson Terms Cummings Forensic Investigation Option A Plot

By Bill W. Cooper

Economist Samuel Jackson has condemned the decision by the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings, to commission a forensic investigation into allegation of alteration on the Collaborating Political Parties’ (CPP) framework document.

Mr. Jackson who many Liberians see as a controversial economist further described the decision by the ANC political leader as an “act gone too far” on grounds that the case is still before the Liberian court system.

“I, Samuel Jackson, do strongly condemn the hiring of a foreign firm by Mr. Alexander B. Cummings to investigate a matter in the Liberian court system. His hiring of Cherie Blair is a ploy. It is a trick and it should be condemned by all patriotic Liberians,” he said.

It can be recalled that Mr. Cummings who is being prosecuted along with two other officials of his party on allegation of tampering with the CPP framework document said on his official Facebook page that his decision to commission a forensic investigation is intended to protect both his reputation and integrity, at home and abroad.

The firms contacted to do the forensic investigation with the mandate to make public its findings upon the completion of their investigation include OMNIA, led by Cherie Blair CBE QC and ALACO Ltd.

However, many legal observers are believing that Cummings’ commissioning of a forensic investigation of the document is the decision of the Monrovia City Court to admit into evidence a photocopy of what is to be considered the CPP’s Framework document presented by the National Elections Commission (NEC) chairperson, Davidetta Browne-Lansanah.

Upon taking the witness stand, the NEC chairperson stated that her presentation of that copy of the framework document to the court was on grounds that it was the exact document filed with the Commission by the opposition Collaboration.

She further informed the court that all political parties and alliances are only required to submit documents before the National Election Commission whether a photocopy or an original copy.

But according to Mr. Jackson, Cummings has an option in the country’s Judiciary system, where he can appeal any verdict in the court case as well as present his case through the appellate system of justice to the highest court.

Jackson reiterated, “But he chose to grandstand and bring in a foreign forensic team in the end stage of a trial. This is a ploy and I condemn it.”

He added, “Cummings had an opportunity in the early stages of this controversy to hire outside investigators when the matter was in-house with CPP attorneys. But the matter is before the courts and he now chooses a single judge to decide his fate.”

Mr. Jackson further argued, “As evidence mounts that there are clearly serious procedural and documentary evidence of tampering; now he sees the case going against him in court and he wants to divert attention from the court.”

“Now my name will be dragged in the mud for days. I will try to bite my lips and not respond. I know my post here will juke the flesh of ANC supporters. But silence is not an option. This has gone overboard,” he averred.

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