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Russ’ Response To Boima Alford Morgan’s Red Flag!

“Mr. Joel Cholo Brooks  Global News Network or GNN Liberia newspaper carried a malicious article on me entitled “RED FLAG! Sam G. Russ double Dipping”.  I take exception to this highly misleading and slanderous article that borders on economic sabotage,” Sam G. Russ stated.

“That article was sponsored by Mr. Boima Alford Morgan, Director and COO of Solway, as retaliation for signing as Acting CEO of Solway on matters relating to Mr. Morgan,” he explained. 

“At the onset, I should note that I am a CONSULTANT to the Legal Advisor and NOT an EMPLOYEE.  I have also been a consultant to a number of international agencies (UNDP, UN Women, WB/IFC, etc.) in a wide range of areas (mining, energy, agriculture, land rights, gender, etc.),” he stated further. 

“For 5 straight years, I served as Co-Chair for a Policy Dialogue on “Natural Resource-based Development at the OECD, Paris, France.  I have also been a frequent speaker and/or panelist at international mining conferences including the Mining Indaba, Cape Town, South Africa,” Russ added.

“I should also note that Solway Investment Group is NOT a subject of the recent decision by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) on sanctions targeting Russian involvement in Guatemala’s mining sector,” he explained further.

“I have met with Mr. Morgan on the publication.  I have made it ABUNDANTLY and UNEQUIVOCALLY clear to him that I will sign any document consistent with my authority and scope of responsibility as Acting CEO, unless there is compelling and/or legal reasons not to do so.  I hereby make public and memorialize my position,” Russ stated. “Accordingly, since the publication, I have signed additional documents of Solway as Acting CEO on matters relating to Mr. Boima Alford Morgan.  I look forward to more malicious reporting on me or other retaliatory measures,” Russ ended his clarification.                                                       

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