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Rural Dwellers Still Faces
Hardship On Deplorable Roads

Instead of the rainy season being the cause of deplorable road conditions making it impassable to ply routes in the rural areas, the road conditions have now become an all-seasons’ enigma.
This has been the case with the routes leading to the east (Grand Gedeh) and southern (Rivergee, Maryland, Grand Kru, Sinoe and Rivercess) parts of the country and is causing hardships for the locals.
The impassibility of vehicles on the bad road including commercial and private cars causes commuters to spend weeks on the highway in cold and harsh weathers.
As a result of the bad road connectivity, some vehicles sometimes experience mechanical breakdowns while almost all get stuck once, twice or thrice in thick muddy places or in ditches along the way.

The development between Ganta and Zwedru corridor speaks volume for itself to the extent that whoever is at the helm of government must prioritize road construction to reduce the continuous suffering of the people.
If rural roads are upgraded regularly since they are not yet ready for pavement, it will help remedy the situation of the poverty-stricken people as they are unable to get their produce from their farms to the markets which is not helping the economy to grow.
The total driving distance between Ganta, Nimba County and Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County is 214 kilometers and 767.26 meters with a mile -based measurement distance at 89.3 miles.
This means if the roads are paved, it could take less than 4 or 5 hours from Ganta to Zwedru but with the condition at the moment, it takes vehicles one week if not several days thereby causing bodily pains before arriving at one’s final destination.
Travel duration from Ganta to Zwedru is around 2.88 hours and a travel speed of 50 kilometer per hour while traveling from Ganta to Zwedru one will have to connect more than once on a single route.
Besides the corridor from Ganta to Saclepea which is the 39 kilometers being worked on by the Chinese International Company (CHICO) which was awarded the contract from the government, the rest from Saclepea to Zwedru is a “killer road” because the road is so deplorable to the extent that pregnant women can hardly venture on it, for fear of miscarriage or abortion.

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