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Rotary Club Gives To Redemption Hospital …Commends Lebanese Union

By Precious D. Freeman

The Rotary Club of Monrovia in partnership with the Lebanese Culture Union over the weekend dedicated an Oxygen Machine (NOVAIR) to the Redemption Hospital in order to help save lives.According to Francis Karpeh, a member of the Rotary Club, for the past two years the oxygen machine had been down and it was through these organizations putting their resources together that they are now able to have an oxygen machine at the Redemption Hospital.
He further stated that their plans started few months ago and whenever the Rotary gets involved into something, that thing always comes to fruition, and as a Government, it has been a challenge in order to find the operational forms to give to the various facilities to maintain the various equipment and rotary supplies entities to make sure that the services rendered to our people be satisfactory.
Mr. Karpeh disclosed further that working with few other partners and finding reliable people that are willing to make sure that whatever is been gathered is used for the intended purpose and that makes it much easier for others, while they all know that oxygen is very essential at every level from infants to the mothers, and that they are aware that people die because there is not a drop of oxygen around and had there been oxygen, their lives would have been saved.
The oxygen machines donated

”And looking at the role the Redemption Hospital plays not only within this portion of the country but they also receive patients from Cape Mont and Bomi County for treatment and so whatever you have invested in, discipline is not only for those within this area but it’s going to come across more than 400,000 persons that will benefit from these services planned and was able to provide oxygen to save lives,” he said.
Meanwhile, a Medical Doctor, Williametta Williams Gibson said that before this plan could come to pass, the patients have been buying a syringe for 35 USD and that it had not been easy ensuring that the oxygen is for all the patients, and glad that their plans are on course. She added that they will make sure that the oxygen equipment be well maintained and that the staffs who are supposed to operate the oxygen apparatus have already been trained.
”We want to appreciate the club and organization for their job ‘well done’ and for making sure that patients have oxygen-care when needed,” she said.

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