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Romekah Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

By Precious D. Freeman
The Romekah Mineral Water Company has recently celebrated its second anniversary at the company in Peace Island, Congo Town.
Speaking to a team of journalists at the celebration, the CEO of the Romekah Mineral Water Company, Roland Lankah urged National Government to provide more opportunities to business tycoons, such as loans and access to electricity to improve the Liberian economy.
According to him, Romekah is one of the few water companies in the country that is producing best and good quality of water for the safety of its customers or consumers.
At the same time, Mr. Lankah is urging his fellow entrepreneurs in Liberia including water companies to remain committed and steadfast in contributing to Liberia’s economy.
Mr. Lankah said despite challenges faced by several entrepreneurs including the lack of electricity, access to financing and high interest rate that are impeding their smooth operations in the country, business tycoons should serve their customers with care and respect.
He added that the differences between them and other mineral water companies are the brands they go for which makes it qualify for customers to consume.
Mr. Lankah disclosed that Access Bank has been of great help to him and his company because it is through them that he has been able to access finance and also appreciate his costumers and workers for making the day a success.
Meanwhile the chief administrative assistant at the Romekah Mineral Water Company, Vivian Davies has urged the Liberian women to be productive and have the passion of venturing into different life-time skills for their independency, instead of relying solely on men at all times.
According to her, she feels bad seeing women idly sitting and doing nothing to help themselves, “adding” it’s very important for women to have something to do.
She added that working with the Romekah Mineral Water Company had been the best work she ever ventured in because she had achieved a lot despite the awesome working relationship among the workers.

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