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Road Fund Audit In Sight …As Gov’t Alleged Apportioning Over Half Million To River Cess Alone

By Alex Yomah
River Cess County Senator Geevon Smith is calling for an audit in the National Road Fund being executed by the Executive Branch of government.
His call stems from the backdrop that the amount stipulated in the road fund report submitted to the Senate is unrealistic and sparks reason for an investigation.
Addressing legislative reporters yesterday, Senator Smith describes as fictitious the amount indicated in the road fund and is therefore calling for an immediate investigation into the expenditures of said fund.
“In the Road fund Report, the Executive indicated that half a million was used in River Cess County alone. That reported is untrue and I challenge that, that amount was never used in River Cess County,” Smith contended.
Adding, “The people of River Cess are not satisfied with this report. We are sleeping in the mud and it is unfair that the government would report that half a million was spent on our road and we can’t feel the impact.”
According to the Senator, injustice somewhere smells injustice everywhere. He states that report submitted by the Executive gives him sufficient reasons to call for an audit or investigation into the National Road Fund of Liberia disbursement component.
“I am going to write the plenary in session informing that august body of my issue with the report submitted by the Executive,” he assured.
It can be noted that it was this same fund that the Government of Liberia relied on to impeach the Associate Justice, Cllr. Kabineh Jan’eh; though the decision has been overruled at the ECOWAS Court.

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