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RIA Dismisses Media Report On Fire Outbreak

Roberts International Airport (RIA) Management has rejected a recent social media report, claiming that there was a fire outbreak at the entity.
He observed its entire department, including the fire service department that have been charge with the responsibility to address fire outbreak, as well as the departure and arrival terminals, among others, in an effort to establish the authenticity of the report, it was noticed by the media that said report of a fire outbreak be untrue.
Recently, a social media post on Facebook alleged that the airport was gutted by fire where a local radio station used such a report as a topic of discussion.
RIA management indicated that the false social media report of a fire outbreak was intended to damage its hard-earned reputation.
During a tour of the airport early this week, it also observed that the landside, terrain or operation sides of the airport were all intact as passenger be seen carrying out their normal travel affairs.
The observation also unearthed that the pathway leading to the Liberia Civil Aviation Authority (LCAA) Industrial Fire Service department office, responsible for emergency, including fire outbreak and companies, are under construction.
RIA’s Communications Officer, Jefferson Daryoue told the media that the airport were all taken by surprise by the social media post that the institution was gutted by fire.
He said when he got the news he immediately called the Deputy Head of Fire Service, who was also surprised by the news stating “He even asked me (Daryoue) where did the fire come from and I said from the front.”
The RIA official further expressed disappointment on the part of Liberians who were commenting on and sharing such misleading information on social media stressing how people even posted on Facebook that RIA does not have any fire truck but today we have displayed two trucks and two ambulances that are providing services here.
He extolled the LCAA for its continued support toward the fire department of the RIA by providing equipment, among others, to improve their operation. The RIA Managing Director, Martin Hayes, urged the public to desist from spreading misleading information which, according to him, has the propensity to undermine the credibility of the entity.
RIA management remain un- constructive and focused on the safety and security of the over 500 lives that arrive at the airport on a daily basis, rather than listening to mere gossip in the public that will underrate the workings of his administration.
The RIA boss assured the general public that his team remains committed to working in the interest of the nation and its people, while providing the best affordable services to travelers.
He commended President George Weah for his continued support toward the airport authority, while assuring the safety and security of passengers who are doing business with the airport.
Daryoue disclosed that the government has paid US$1.3 million for a fire truck and other materials, including jackets that cost US$10, 000 for operators of the airport.
“He likewise stated that the entity will send technicians to learn more about that equipment to Australia to ensure that we don’t experience any problem that we cannot control,” he noted.

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