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Residents Want Mysterious Deaths Investigated

By Precious D. Freeman
Several residents of Frank Town, Careyburg District, on the outskirts of Monrovia on Monday, February 26, 2024, stormed the grounds of the Temple of Justice and the headquarters of the Liberia National Police in demand for justice and forensic investigation into the mysterious deaths of three men who are residents of the district.
Chanting “We want justice”, the spokesperson of the peaceful protestors, Boakai M. Davies, stated that the growing wave of mysterious deaths in the district is alarming, and continues to instill fear in the dwellers of the district.
“Our young people are dying mysteriously without justice, and this is the second time it has happened successively without justice.”
Davies said that during the recent happening, the Director of the Criminal Service Division (CSD) at the district police station refused to conduct investigation until the post mortem test is conducted on the body to determine the basis of the investigation.
“When John Saah died, we contacted the CSD at the district police station, but he said that he cannot conduct any investigation until the forensic team can examine the body. And this was the same thing they told us during the first case.”
He added that whenever someone died mysteriously, the police would say the person died from drugs.
However, there would be wounds all over the body, asserting that the person was murdered.
“They said John Saah died from drugs, but where they told us that he took the drugs, his body was not there, but he was found in his room with his neck broken and injection marks all on his hands. That is the reason we are here to see those suspects face justice.”
The spokesperson named one Benjamin Davis as one of those suspected for the killing of one the victims.
He named Stephen Sayon, John Saah, and a motorcyclist who also mysteriously went missing.

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