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Residents Endorse Prince K. Koinah’s 2023 Representative Bid

By Patrick N. Tokpah (Bong County Correspondent)
Ahead of the 2023 elections in Liberia politicians are arriving across the country building cells that could lure them to victory at the polls.

All 73 districts, 15 Senators, and President George M. Weah are gearing up for old and new faces in the political field and in Bong County, there are signs that the county will be on fire as usual. In Dolo Town, Boinsen District, there is a signal that the battle will be hot as over seven names have emerged as contenders to muscle incumbent Representative Albert Hills.

Among the names emerging to fight Representative Albert Hills, are Emmanuel Dillon, Fred Sonah, Dennis Garsinii, Melee Kermue, and Prince K. Koinah among others.

After viewing the political situation in the district, and activities undertaken by would-be aspirants, Boinsen Administrative District, residents pledged or endorsed the Representative bid of Prince K. Koinah, a prominent son of the district.

Reading the petition statement on behalf of residents on February 25, 2023, in Dolo Town, Matthew Whymah said given the level of development undertaken by Mr. Koinah, they are constrained to support his 2023 political ambition.

The electoral District 1 citizens said they are giving their support to Mr. Koinah because he is a leader who seeks the interest of the district in terms of development.

The petitioners named the provisions of scholarships for grade school and university students, the construction of Town Halls, and bridges, the construction of farm-to-market roads and the donation of medical material to health facilities in the district, and some personal intervention to citizens by Mr. Koinah as a tangible reason why they have chosen to support him.

“It’s now time that we support somebody like Koinah who we see as a beacon of hope for the district’s socio-economic and political emancipation which is caused by the poor leadership of Representative Hills,” the residents said in their petition.

They asserted that the only way they as inhabitants of District 1 will enjoy the fruits of the district is by navigating their way to supporting a developer to the national leadership.

According to the residents, as the country approach the pending 2023 elections, they as residents of Boinsen District in Bong County have a moral duty to ensure that those who lead their district and country are people with integrity, experience, and political will to effect the change that would transform the lives as residents of district.

“Many politicians are moving around the district spewing falsehood and making promises that they cannot be fulfilled. It was the same promise current Representative Albert Junior Hills made in 2017 and has failed to fulfill, so we will not allow people to lie to us,” they noted.

Moreover, the residents assured Mr. Koinah of their commitment through their petition to move from corner to corner of District 1, which comprises Boinsen, Kpaai, Kokoyah, and Tukpahblee in others to recruit more supporters for the district 1 Representative aspirant in the county.

Accepting the petition, Koinah intimated that once the residents have spoken, he is left with no choice but to contest, noting that he will be a formidable force in the 2023 General and Presidential elections.
“So, with your petition today, I, Prince K. Koinah, have agreed to contest the Representative seat of District 1 in 2023, Bong County,” he noted.

He also extended commendation to the Boinsen residents for taking the right decision to pledge their support and petition him ahead of the 2023 elections in the country and assured the petitioners of his commitment to continue to improve their lives through the needed development of their beloved District.

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