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Reps Rally Legislature To Curb Sanitation Crisis

By Grace Q. Bryant

Newly elected Grand Gedeh District 3 Representative, Jacob C. Debee, wants the Koffa-Fallah leadership to ensure swift remedy to the House’s sanitation crisis, considering the demeaning challenges it continues to pose to their respective offices.

According to Rep. Debee, Legislative staffers are often seen carrying water in gallons from nearby areas to their respective offices at the Capitol, as the House remains constrained with easy access to running water.

He spoke yesterday in open session, noting that it discredits the House’s dignity, and encouraged the new leadership to make it a priority among the different pillars of its reform agenda.

Meanwhile, Maryland District 3 Representative, Austin B. Taylor, called on the Koffa-Fallah leadership to conduct training for new lawmakers to enable them understand the workings and procedures of the House of Representatives.

He described the House’s Chamber as an environment that is not favorable for the holding of the nation’s business, adding that the leadership should focus on the air conditioning and other facilities that would make the place environment-friendly for working purposes.

Recently, the House’s Press Bureau reported that the longstanding issue of water supply at Capitol Hill is set to become a thing of the past, as construction commences on a state-of-the-art borehole within the Legislature premises.

This initiative aims to ensure a sustainable and reliable water source for the entire Capitol Building.

With a commitment to addressing the historical challenges surrounding water supply, the bureau says the Legislature has taken a significant step towards securing an independent and efficient water system.

The borehole construction project, initiated in response to the persistent water supply concerns, is anticipated to provide a seamless and uninterrupted water supply to meet the needs of Capitol Hill.

The borehole project comes as a result of careful planning and collaboration between legislative stakeholders, engineering experts, and local authorities. This forward-thinking solution underscores the Legislature’s dedication to enhancing the working environment and ensuring the well-being of all individuals within the Capitol Building.

“We are excited about the commencement of this borehole construction project, which marks a pivotal moment in our efforts to address the water supply challenges that have persisted for far too long.

This initiative reflects our commitment to creating a conducive and sustainable workspace within the Capitol Building,” stated Robert Haynes, Press Director at the House of Representatives, 54th Legislature.

The implementation of the borehole is expected to significantly reduce dependency on external water sources, providing a reliable and self-sufficient water supply system for the Capitol Building. This proactive step aligns with the Legislature’s broader sustainability goals and commitment to responsible resource management.

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