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Representative Samuel G. Kogar, Self-Quarantined in Nimba —As Coronavirus Threatens Liberia

There is mounting fear about the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Electoral District Five in Nimba County since Representative Samuel G. Kogar returned from Ghana to the district.
According to Representative Samuel Kogar, he was to travel by air from Ghana but the flight was cancelled due to bad weather and was forced to travel from Ghana passing through Ivory Coast to get to Liberia on one of the Representative’s vehicles.
Representative Samuel Kogar stated further that he travelled with another Lawmaker from Ghana to Liberia, but remained tight-lipped to call the name of the Representative who travelled in the same vehicle to cross the border in Butuo to enter the country.
Butuo is an Administrative Headquarter for Electoral District Five headed by Representative Samuel Kogar, which contains several ports of entries that share boundary with the Republic of Ivory Coast.
In the wake of warnings from the Ministry of Health to close down all schools, churches, mosques and other social centers in the country, Butuo border is being completely deserted by health workers who are monitoring the movement of people coming into and going from the country.
Speaking via mobile phone in Butuo, Representative Samuel G. Kogar confirmed that indeed he passed through Ivory Coast to enter Liberia in Butuo and immediately quarantined himself at his headquarter in Butuo until the 14 days is over.
“People are afraid for noting that this is why I am under self-quarantine at the Headquarter in Butuo,” Representative Samuel Kogar stated.
When contacted, Zoe- Geh (DHO) Abraham Karkpo, confirmed that Representative Samuel Kogar came from Ghana and is under quarantine to be monitored by health workers.
He stated further that Immigration Officers assigned at the border in Butuo are all trained to test fever on travelers according to the MOH stipulated standard in the country.

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