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Rep. Williams Wants Salary Increment For Staffers

By Grace Q. Bryant

Maryland County District 2 lawmaker, Anthony Williams, has written the House of Representatives to increase salaries and benefits for staff working in the various electoral districts across the country.

In his communication to his colleagues, Williams said, “Hon. Speaker and distinguished colleagues, following my certification and subsequent induction by this honorable body, I received a package from the Chief Clerk’s office containing the House’s Rules and Procedures, LACC Assets Declaration form, and a breakdown of staffers’ salaries and coupons.

“Immediately, upon receipt of the aforementioned document, I took a keen interest in the pay grade of our staffers. Considering their income tax deduction and considerably matching their net pay to the prevailing economic living conditions of today, coupled with other challenges, it seems disturbing to me, most especially these people (staffers) dedicating exclusively all of their time to work of our various offices, unlike other government ministries and agencies that are involved into programs and activities with extra benefits to complement their salary,” he lamented.

He furthered, “I write to request the indulgence of this honorable body for increment of salary and benefits for our staff because these people are our direct representatives in our various districts and taking all of the intellectual bullets, verbal/physical attacks, security and other forms of intimidations, as well making meaningful contributions on our behalf at times.”

Rep. Williams added, “Additionally, I am also craving your indulgence to look in the direction of creating additional positions in our various district offices.

Those positions are: District Youth Coordinator office, District Women Coordinator, District Religious Coordinator office, District Information Officer office, District Coordinator for People Living with Disabilities (PWDs), Coordinator for District Disadvantage Youth, District Scholarship Coordinator, and District Security coordinator.

Following his communication, a decision for motion by James Kolleh was forwarded to Ways Means and Finance, Labor and Rules Order and Administration.

Meanwhile, The House has officially inducted Grand Bassa County Electoral District 5 Representative, Thomas A. Goshua, into office during its 9th day sitting of the first quarter on Thursday, February 8, 2024.

The induction follows the certification of Representative Goshua by the National Elections Commission (NEC) after his successful re-election in the October 10, 2023 Presidential and Legislative elections.

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