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Rep. Tarponweh Breaks Ground For Modern Health Center In Margibi

Margibi County Electoral District #1 Representative, Tibelrosa Summoh Tarponweh, has broken grounds for the construction of a modern health center valued at over US $55,000 in Mendeh.
The occasion which took place on Thursday, June 11, in Garzon, a town in lower Margibi County was witnessed by hundreds of residents from the county who assembled for the first time to interact with a sitting lawmaker.
The construction of a health center in that part of the county is in fulfillment of residents’ cry for a clinic which will provide better health services for them and their children.
The facility is under the China Union’s Social Development Fund prioritized projects earmarked during the Margibi County District #1 sitting which was confirmed during the recent county sitting and according to sources closed to the lawmaker, when completed, the facility will provide health service for thousands of residents in Mendeh and parts adjacent.
Rep. Tarponweh described the ceremony as a ‘historic day’ for his constituents and was proud that it is the first of its kind for residents of the Garzon Reserve and its environs to enjoy portion of the district’s share of the China Union’s Social Development Fund.
The lawmaker assured that providing basic services for his constituents remains his top priority noting, “I will not stop thinking about your concerns; this is part of our job. Our district had never enjoyed any of our Social County Development Funds. This is a dream that is gradually transforming into a reality,” Rep. Tarponweh stated.
Rep. Tarponweh further promised that the construction of a police station in Duazon will commence shortly as he also broke grounds for the process while a cross section of government officials, including Margibi County Superintendent Jerry Varnie and the residents witnessed in celebration.
Superintendent Varnie thanked the lawmaker referring to him as a great leader who prioritizes the interest of his people while the Assistant Superintendent for Development, Francis Karpu and other officials including chiefs and elders of district blessed Rep. Tarponweh for thinking about them.
Meanwhile, Superintendent Varnie disclosed that the clinic will be completed in three months. “Your representation as a great leader continues to portray love and patriotism and we will continue to stand by him. He has been striving to get this project implemented,” Varnie stated.
The elders of the Garzon Reserve, in a traditional display, thanked their lawmaker and the entire county administration for the project and vowed to properly utilize the clinic.

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