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Rep. Kamara Wants Ambulances In 73 Districts

By Grace Q. Bryant

Representative of District 14, Montserrado County, Kerkula M. Kamara, is requesting the plenary of the House of Representatives, for the purchase of ambulances for the 73 electoral districts across the country.

According to Rep. Kamara’s communication, “I write to bring to the attention of the Honorable House of Representatives the urgent need for budgetary allotment to be made towards the purchasing of 73 ambulances for the 73 electoral districts within the Republic of Liberia,” observing that during the outbreak of the deadly Ebola Virus disease in 2014, people died due to the lack of ambulances to address health emergencies.

“As of today, we can’t verify if Liberia has more than 35 functional ambulances. Some believe that the lack of sufficient ambulances is a national embarrassment for us and the image of our country,” he maintained.

He added, “We may be aware that transporting critically ill patients for referral and/or securing this advanced medical equipment have been a serious challenge for our people. If we secure an ambulance for every district across the country, we would be doing an honorable thing for our people, which is very common in other parts of the world. As representatives of our people, I strongly feel it is important that this House of Representatives, under your leadership, wisely invests in this project to save lives and improve the healthcare system of our country,” he noted.

“With the availability of these ambulances in our respective districts, the difficulties normally faced by sick people, including pregnant women and children to seek medical attention, would be addressed,” he stressed.

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