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Rep. Enders Submits 5 Bills

By Bill W. Cooper

Montserrado County District 6 Representative, Samuel Enders, has submitted five bills in fulfillment of one of his campaign promises aimed at impacting the lives of all Liberians.

The bills include the Liberian Great Gift Bill, 2021 (Creating mini industries, establishing the first endowment for each county, housing units, creating jobs and agriculture) and the Miss Ireland Students, youth Safety and redemptive Bill (Honoring the first school shooting victim, enforcing our drug law by making the crime non-billable and prohibiting youths from carrying weapons).

Others are the Liberian Accountability and Decency Bill (Empowering victims of character assassination, holding perpetrators accountable, protecting our women, and protecting the image of our nation), the Liberian decent Health Care Bill (making health care available at the time it is needed most, especially during emergency and time of Childbirth) and the Liberian Children recoronation, full entitlement, and Mix race right Bill (Empowering Liberian Women, Our Mothers).

Addressing a news conference yesterday at his Capitol Building office in Monrovia, the Montserrado County lawmaker stated that the goal of the Liberian Great Gift Act, of 2021 is to empower President George Weah to take one-time loan in the tune of US$200,000,000 for all over industrial transformation of Liberia in accordance with the Government’s Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

  He explained, “Section 2.2.1:  Job creation, national food security, economic and infrastructural sustainable development initiatives must be the category of number one priority; and shall be indicative by the full implementation of the national independence and development stimulus package.”

As for the Miss Ireland Student-Youth Safety and Redemptive bill, Rep. Enders indicated that the bill when passed will ensure the protection of lives and properties of all Liberian citizens and residents, especially the youthful population.

He stated further that it will also make the country’s youthful population achieve their dreams and potentials as well as towns, villages, school campuses, farms, markets, and workplaces safe and always protected from harm or danger.

“As for the Liberian Accountability and Decency Act of 2021, the goal of the bill is to restore accountability and decency to the Liberian society and to create a society of integrity, respect, and cordiality,” he said.

According to him, the objectives of the bill is to also curtail non-accountability, indecency, and misrepresentation of realities of happening in every Liberian lives, communities, and the country, which he said most likely and, in most cases, lead to character assassination, murder, suicide, divorce, hatred, misinformed society, and a world of fiction.

Commenting on the Liberian Decent Healthcare Act of 2021, the Montserrado County lawmaker said further that they shall ensure that every human, be it a Liberian citizen or resident, living within the territorial confines of Liberia, has the right to live and to first have and receive decent healthcare delivery services by way of treatment, especially during medical emergencies and life-threatening medical conditions such as labor pain, victim of disaster either by fire, flood, landslide, motor accident among others after which funds/payment for treatment can be requested for.

He added, “The objective of this bill shall be but not limited to the inclusion of annual budgetary appropriations in every Liberia’s Fiscal Budget to ensure that health facilities throughout the Republic of Liberia including the John F. Kennedy Medical Center, Liberia’s pre-war 500-bed Primary Health Facility, are revived/renovated and/or constructed to adequately accommodate and provide healthcare services to all citizens of Liberia.”

Rep. Enders further disclosed that the Liberian Women-Children Mixed Race Rights Act of 2021 goal shall be to ensuring that any child born by a Liberian woman with an alien/foreigner automatically becomes a Liberian citizen; and that it also applies to a mixed-race child once that child is born to a Liberian mother in Liberia.

He averred, “The objective of the Liberian Women-Children Mixed Race Rights   Act of 2022 is to ensure that Liberian Women-Children and Mixed Race enjoy their natural, inherent, and inalienable rights, and including such other rights enshrined in Article 11 (a), (b) & (c) under Chapter III (Fundamental Rights) of the Liberian Constitution.”

However, the plenary of the House of Representatives is expected to begin deliberation and subsequent passage of the five bills following their 1st quarter break of the 5th session of the National Legislature after Easter Break.

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