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Rep. Edward Flomo,
Raps On 3 Years Achievements

Montserrado County District #13, Representative Edward Papay-Flomo, raps on Three (3) Years of major Achievements while representing his constituents at the 54th Liberian legislature in the wake of growing economic challenges being confronted by the legislators.
Representative Papay-Flomo, said his office was very instrumental in crafting and developing a robust strategic frame-work that contained the inclusiveness of the District’s Transformation Agenda following series of consultations with eminent sons and daughters to include community leaders, citizens and residents as well as youth leaders and members of the Elder Counsel.
Representative Papay-Flomo, said since his ascendancy as the direct lawmaker of the people of electoral district #13, his administration was able to constructively engaged stakeholders in all sectors of the district to identified tangible development projects for citizens’ participation in respect to sustainable community growth and economic viability.
According to him, those consultative meetings between his office and the citizens yielded several fruitful results aimed at identifying several community-based programs in different communities of electoral district #13 thus ranging from education, health care, road rehabilitation, market buildings, sport stadium, community town hall projects, bridges, pipe borne-water, scholarship programs and the provision of micro-finance loans programs amidst others.
Representative Papay-Flomo, lamented that with the active involvement of the citizens’ participation his office was able to ensure the construction of the New Georgia Gulf Community Hall, the Plumkor Community Hall in New Georgia, the Darquee Town Community Hall, the Honorable Flomo Community Hall in Bilimah Community, the Bassa Town Community Hall in Jamaica Road, and the ongoing construction of the Flahn Town Community Hall, and Chocolate City Community Hall among others.
When quizzed by FrontPage Africa about the construction of the connectivity of foot-paths bridges across District #13, representative Edward Papay-Flomo, said since his election in 2018, his administration has embarked upon the construction of several bridges to include: the Gyude Bryant Bridge-between New Georgia and the J. Darpoe Reeves Communities, the ongoing Sawmill- footpath- Cemented bridge construction in the Sawmill Community plus many more.
Commenting on the provision of safe-drinking water to his constituents, representative Edward Papay-Flomo, said through his advocacy and lobbying strength, residents of Darquee town, Flahn town, Battery Factory and Plank field communities are now benefiting from the provision of Pipe Borne water something he termed as one of his major achievements asserting that ‘one who brings water brings life’.
He named others projects as the construction of the Battery Factory Sports Pitch, the construction of new roads in the Battery Factory Community that links the area with the Stockton Creek Community, the Caroline Edward Financial Aid Program that is benefitting over 3000-Grade School students and students of tertiary and vocational institutions, couple with the empowerment of 300 (Three-hundred) Small businesses in the District through his micro credit loan programs as major accomplishments since his election in 2018 to the Liberian legislature.
As a way of prioritizing and protecting the rights and welfare of his citizens, Representative Papay-Flomo, has also been having series of discussions with Corporate and Business institutions in the District in reference to adhering to their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) towards the people of the District for the provision of needed benefits. In fulfillment of this quest, the Management of Cemenco, Sethi Brothers Inc, Ever Bright Sand Mining Community and Britone-National Paint Industry have been in straight adherence with their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) following his administration constructive engagement.
Asserting on his significant strides gear towards combining efforts with national government, development partners as well as the citizens of electoral district #13, to curtail the spread of the deadly Coronavirus, representative Papay-Flomo said several anti-COVID-19 materials were purchased by his office for onward distribution to the citizens during the heat of the pandemics. He named the provision of Chlorox, chlorine, buckets, hand sanitizers and nose-masks couple with a robust food feeding program that characterized the distribution of thousands of bags of rice to residents of the district in the wake of the COVID-19.
As a result of adhering to his three cardinal responsibilities as the direct district’s lawmaker which include: lawmaking, oversight and adequate representation, Representative Papay-Flomo, disclosed that the Management of Cemenco and Sethi Brothers have allotted $ 16,000.00 USD (Sixteen-thousands United States Dollars each to four communities to include: Bilimah, Sawmill, Central Jamaica Road, and Bassa Town Communities annually as per their Corporate Social Responsibility.
The Ever-Bright Sand Mining Company allots $ 5.00 USD per truck load to the Battery Factory Community as its Corporate Social Responsibility said: Edward Papay-Flomo.
Honorable Edward Papay Flomo is the Representative of Montserrado County Electoral District # 13 and a member of the 54th Legislature of the Republic of Liberia.

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