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Rennie Accuses Cummings,
Gongloe Of “Deception”

Information Minister Ledggerhood Rennie has accused Alexander Cummings of the Alternative National Congress and Tiawan Saye Gongloe of the Liberian People’s Party (LPP) of “deceptive politicking.”
He however advised both to stop being “deceptive” with the public but truthful to themselves and fellow Liberians as well as beyond the borders of the country on issues of national affairs.
Rennie described the two presidential aspirants’ allegations or grading of the government’s performance as “shameless, ridiculous and unacceptable” to the highest degree of national politicking.
For Cummings, he told the state-organized press briefing yesterday in Monrovia that it was unacceptable for him to have accused the government, mainly the President, of what is happening inside their collaboration without any facts.
He claimed that Liberian opposition doesn’t have history of forming a united front before and during electioneering, but does have thereafter specifically when they lose the polls with the allegation of being cheated.
“Is Cummings telling the world that the government or the President is responsible for what is happening inside their collaboration as he is accused of forgery for which he is being dragged to court?” he asked.
Rennie then warned the ANC choosing torchbearer that if he does not have anything to say or contribute to the country’s ongoing reconstruction programme constructively; let him shut up on ground that nobody will buy into his allegation.
Responding to Gongloe grading government performance of being “F” for last year, the Minister replied harshly by asking the former Liberian National Bar Association (LNBA’s) leadership to account for the US$50, 000 received from the present regime.
He said while it is true that Gongloe has the right to seek for the Presidency of the country and therefore speaks out frankly as he has been doing on issues of national concern, he must be honest to express when it existed.
Rennie however advised Cummings and Gongloe to stop being “deceptive” with the public, rather truthful to themselves and fellow Liberians as well as beyond the borders of the country.
Early this week, Cummings who is being dragged to court on account of alleged document forgery accused the regime of being behind the plot against him but his going to court has somehow helped to popularize him in the event.
For Gongloe, he accused the government of poor performance during the year under review by scoring the grade point of “F” which means failing marks and as such, that statement has not gone down well with the status quo for which he has to respond.

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