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Religious Council Of Liberia Warns Against Political Disrespect

By Solomon T. Gaye, Sr.
The Chairperson of the National Religious Council of Liberia, Pastor Henry Hezekiah Winka Paul, is calling on political actors and politicians to stop personal insults as 2020 senatorial election draws closer in the country.
Liberia will be going to the ballot box in 2023 to elect a new President, Representatives, senators under the watchful eyes of United Nations therefore, politicians need to be very careful with their utterances on issues of national concern and do away with political abuses that undermine the peace the country enjoys, the Religious Council Chairperson told a team of journalists.
Chairperson Paul frowned at political actors and stakeholders that are in the constant habit of abusing President George Maneh Weah on social media to gain political relevance forgetting that leadership is the gift of the Almighty God and that such attitude undermines peace.
He added that the Religious Council of Liberia condemns in the strongest term the recent protest carried out by Grand Gedeans against the ANC leader, Alexander Cummings, Representative Yekeh Kolubah and their team of campaigners who had gone in Zwedru on an official visit.
According to the Religious Council Chairperson, the 14-year war was due to political abuses and disrespect to the presidency and those who were governing the country.
This is the second time in less than six months in the country that the Religious Council of Liberia to openly condemning such actions designed to undermine its peace.
Early in 2019, the Religious Council of Liberia condemned a mob violence that left two persons dead while on a commercial vehicle from Saclepea, under what was said to have been security escort, after being accused for killing a man in the LPRC community for ritualistic purpose and was enroute to prison

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