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Red Cross Honors Volunteers For
Committed Humanitarian Services

The Liberian Red Cross has joined the official celebration of the International Volunteer Day (IVD) 2021 which recognizes volunteers worldwide with a special focus on local community volunteers who contribute to making their communities more resilient especially against natural disasters.
The IVD is celebrated every year on December 5 but this year was on Sunday and official celebration was held yesterday, focusing on the theme: “Volunteer now for our common future.”
The celebration aims to inspire people, whether they are decision-makers or citizens, to take action NOW for people and the planet.
In a press release issued yesterday, the Liberian Red Cross noted that when people are encouraged to get involved in solving problems, the solutions are more likely to be feasible and lasting; adding that volunteers engage communities to help build a better and safer future for everyone.
“For the generations of tomorrow, we must take responsibility for the changes needed to build a better future NOW,” the release quoted the Secretary General of the Liberian Red Cross, Ambullai Perry.
Mr. Perry emphasized that encouraging, recognizing and promoting volunteerism is an important part of creating a more equal and inclusive future for communities and worldwide and said as part of the IVD celebration, the Liberian Red Cross will sincerely and proudly certificate and honor 75 of its volunteers in the 15 counties in grateful recognition of their exceptional volunteer services and dedication in serving humanity and helping to build resilient communities.
“We are not only celebrating International Volunteer Day but also honoring our volunteers for the remarkable impact of their humanitarian action in communities to save lives. We are deeply proud of our volunteers who save lives and strive for our shared humanity every single day”, the Liberian Red Cross Secretary General pointed out.
Mr. Ambullai Perry said the volunteers have committed their lives, working hours in the rain and sun for the sake of vulnerable people, stressing that even in the toughest time of emergency when their lives as volunteers are threatened, they are still moved with compassion to offer services to redeem the dying.
“They are always passionate, motivated and committed to help people recover with hope and dignity in their own communities. Their efforts in saving lives and restoring dignity to humanity have not gone unnoticed,” Mr. Perry said in honor of the volunteers.
He said as the Red Cross marks the observance of International Volunteer Day, it is deeply thankful, amazed, and inspired by the incredible efforts of its volunteers and others providing comfort, hope and kindness to people in need.
The Liberian Red Cross is gratefully collaborating with the UN Volunteers in formally celebrating the Day in Grand Bassa, Lofa, Nimba, Rivercess, Grand Cape Mount and Montserrado. “We are grateful for the collaboration with the UN and that our volunteers in the 15 counties will also demonstrate humanitarian actions by rendering community services including clean-up campaign and awareness,” the release stated.

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