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Rapid, Blitz Championship Starts Tomorrow
…As Invincible Knights Wins 2022 Club Sessions

By S. Siapha Mulbah

The Rapid and Blitz Championships at the Liberia Chess Federation is expected to kick off this weekend beginning tomorrow in Sinkor as the federation congratulates clubs for participating in the championship.

The Rapid’s portion of the national championship will begin tomorrow morning at 10 A.M. and is open to all Chess players in Liberia that are affiliated with the Liberia Chess Federation.

The one-day event will accordingly be played under international conditions and officiated by a team led by FIDE Arbiter in accordance to all FIDE laws.
On Sunday December 4, 2022 the Blitz competition will under conditions begin as all Blitz Chess players are asked to visit the office to follow the activities.

The Liberia Chess Federation has announced Invincible Knights as the 2022 National Chess Club Championship winner.

The one-day event, hosted at the office and playing venue of the Liberia Chess Federation on 9th Street, on November 29 when lovers of the game launched the opening of the championship.
This event was a 7 Round rapid tournament played at a time control of 15+5. Participating in the event were 12 teams and 64 players.

The Invincible Knights took the lead after the 2nd round and held on to it till the very end of the tournament. Their best performance came on Board 3, the junior board, with Obediah Saah who scored a perfect 7/7.

Finishing 2nd was The Arabian Knights. They were the highest rated club at the event. Their best performance was on Board 4, Female Board, with Georgina Sackie who also went 7/7; defeated the current National female Champion, Abigail Karyah.

Finishing 3rd was the 72nd Chess Club. The club, composed of young players, had an amazing run. Performance on the top 3 board were enough to keep the team alive. Leroy Debblay, on board one had an amazing tournament. On board 2, Harold Evans was a force and major contributor. Rudolph Christian Edwards had a great time on board 3, finishing 2nd to Obediah Saah on that board.

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