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Rainbow Alliance Cautions Opposition

The Rainbow Alliance, a conglomeration of three political parties comprising of the New Deal Movement, the National Democratic Party of Liberia and the True Wig Party of Liberia, says if the opposition does not listen to the voice of the Liberian people, the political careers of many politicians will be short-lived.

According to the Alliance, as Liberians prepare for the 2023 elections, it is clear that the fate of the Liberian nation lies in the hands of opposition politicians adding, “The Liberian people have pre-determined the dream team that they wish to support in order to remove the incompetent and corrupt CDC government.”

“If we miss the opportunity to bring in a new leadership in the 2023 elections, Liberia will be lost for many decades, and opposition politicians will have themselves to blame for the irreversible decline of our beautiful nation,” the opposition alliance decries in a release. 

“It is time to put aside all personal egos and animosities. It requires collective effort to unseat incumbent regimes. There is ample proof all across Africa that a united opposition can win, and has won elections against incumbent governments in spite of having unlimited state resources at their disposal,” the release concluded.

In October of this year, Liberians are going to the polls to participate in a general and presidential election to elect a president and members of the Legislature and there are genuine concerns among Liberians, both home and abroad, that the government will do all within its power to win the 2023 elections at all cost.

On the President’s Fifth Annual Message, the Rainbow Alliance said it feels obliged to not only critique the shortcomings of the President’s leadership and the failures of his government, but to offer some insights into possible concerns for the upcoming elections and the future governance and development of Liberia.

The Alliance believe that this stems from the fact that early illegal campaigning by political parties including the CDC with hundreds of posters and billboards adorning the streets of Monrovia and other communities across the country with Weah 2023 campaign messages.

“The government’s appetite to use public money and public facilities as if they were personal property, and to prevent opposition political parties from having access to these facilities are warning signals that the playing field will not be level for all participants in the 2023 elections,” the group expressed.

The Rainbow Alliance then called on the National Elections Commission and the international community to take cognizance of the obvious violation of the elections laws by the CDC and take corrective actions to ensure that the upcoming elections will be free, transparent and free of possible violence.

The Rainbow Alliance has however warned the President must realize that the first fault of politics is over-confidence and calls on the President Weah and his CiDCians to be careful not to underestimate the intelligence and determination of the Liberian people.

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