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Rainbow Alliance Accuses CDC Of Intrusion

The attention of the Rainbow Alliance has been drawn to secret plans of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) to disintegrate the party (Rainbow Alliance).
According to the part, the CDC’s alleged secret plans were uncovered in a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) recently circulated, in which the names of four of the constituent parties of the Rainbow Alliance were listed to form a new coalition with the CDC.
Those four parties include the Vision for Liberia Transformation, VOLT, the Union of Liberian Democrats, ULD, the Democratic Justice Party, DJP, and the Redemption Democratic Congress, RDC.
The RA claimed that an insider in the CDC camp disclosed that the amount of US$10,000 has been promised to the chairpersons of each of the parties listed on the draft MOU as payment to break away from the Rainbow Alliance.
The Chairpersons of some of the Rainbow Alliance Constituent Parties also claimed that the names of their parties were included on the draft MOU without their consent, and have not affixed their signatures to the document even though they had attended meetings with the CDC for what was termed as “discussions”.
“It appears that the CDC is using the presence of those chairpersons at their meetings, and placing their names in the draft MOU to gain political capital, as part of their plans to disintegrate the Rainbow Alliance,” the party officials said.
The Rainbow Alliance would like to make it clear that while its framework document allows for collaboration with any political institution that is in good standing with the National Elections Commission, it frowns on any illegal attempt by the CDC or any other political entity to undermine the unity, integrity and solidarity of the largest political collaboration in Liberia.
The Rainbow Alliance outlines procedures for discussion and/or collaboration with other parties as enshrined in Article XVII of its Framework Document, and will not countenance any attempt by other political parties or constituent members of the Alliance to violate the terms of the Document.
The Rainbow Alliance therefore calls on the Chairpersons of constituent parties to be mindful of the secret plans of the CDC to destroy viable opposition in advance of the 2023 general elections noting that all should take note that the CDC is boasting about its role in creating chaos in the Collaboration of Political Parties, CPP, which is on the brink of falling apart.
The Rainbow Alliance also calls on the international community, the National Elections Commission and all well-meaning Liberians to be cognizant of the negative effects to the growth of our democracy if the CDC continues to use undemocratic tactics to dismantle opposition political institutions.

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