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Public School Teachers Risk Dismissal In Margibi

Margibi County’s public school teachers’ risk being sacked in line with both Ministry of Education (MoE) and Civil Service Agency (CSA) general policies if any of them abandon the classroom for National Elections Commission’s money.

The County Education Officer (CEO), Steven Toe vowed to sack any public teacher who abandons or be absent from the classroom for 14 working days for National Elections Commission (NEC’s) voter registration contract or money.

He told the local media in the county that one cannot be forced into any profession or career; rather it is one’s desire or choosing, therefore, those who took teaching as discipline must keep and live by it because it is the government that pays their monthly salaries.

“If any public-school teacher in Margibi County feels that NEC’s money is enough or good for him or her, then he or she should abandon the classroom for 14 working days, at which time we shall see whether the law will be enforced or not,” Toe stated.

He has therefore strongly advised public teachers in Margibi to stick to their teaching profession and not to abandon the classrooms for NEC’s voter registration job.

“Any public teacher who abandons the classroom for 14 working days should be considered sacked or dismissed in accordance with both Civil Service Agency Standing Order for civil servants, and that of the Education Ministry’s policy or guidelines for public school teachers,” he threatened.

The warning came in the wake of reports that many public and private school teachers in the county are deserting the classrooms for NEC’s money having applied for the upcoming National Elections Commission’s voter registration which begins on Monday, March 20.

Over 50, 000 applicants have applied to the National Elections Commission (NEC) to be considered for the pending voter’s registration exercise with phase one expected to be conducted in Montserrado, Margibi, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Gbarpolu and Grand Bassa Counties from Monday, March 20 to Sunday, April 9, 2023.

The New Elections Law mandates the National Elections Commission Section 3.2 (a), among other things to make the listing of centers public not later than two weeks to the first day of the registration.

It also warns registrants, in Section 3.1, to register at the CENTER they ordinarily reside and must vote where they register. The NEC is therefore encouraging Liberians of voting age to familiarize themselves with the registration centers near them in preparation for registration.

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