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PSU Deploys In Ganta

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
In the wake of the alarming increase in armed robberies and other criminal-related issues in Nimba County, the Liberia National Police has deployed PSU officers in the commercial City of Ganta.
Speaking to this paper in Ganta, LNP officers disclosed that the deployment of the PSU is designed to crack down on criminals, mob violence, armed robbery, and restore law and order among the residents in the county.
The Police boasted that since the arrival of PSU in Ganta, the most talk- about notorious criminal, Abu Weamie, has been hooked by the LNP in connection with armed robbery.
During the beginning of February 2023, armed robbers allegedly attacked a money exchanger and shot him with a 9mm automatic gun; they also attacked a commercial pick-up with passengers on board and left several of the passengers wounded and made away with huge cash worth over LD. 500, 000 along with huge unaccounted USD respectively.
Since the beginning of January 2023, many of the communities in Ganta have turned to ‘NO GO ZONE’ at night for fear of being attacked by zogos.
Speaking on the same issue, elder George Paye expressed gratitude for the deployment of PSU in Ganta to restore law and order in the county.
When this paper contacted the Criminal Service Department office at the Ganta Police Station, they confirmed the arrest and detention of several alleged criminals in connection with armed robbery in Ganta.
Speaking in separate remarks, a senior PSU officer boasted over the arrest of a notorious Ivorian armed robber Abu Weamie who had been declared wanted by the LNP.
Since the arrival of the PSU week ago in Ganta, there has been no report of armed robbery; but investigations into the past first and second armed robbery have heated up, as police makes additional arrests.

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