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Protest At Capitol May Hamper Weah’s Annual Message

 By Alex Yomah

Ahead of President George Manneh Weah’s annual message on next Monday, some aggrieved legislative staffers have threatened to renew their last year’s protest action in demand of their Liberian dollars salary component.

Sometimes last year, some legislative staffers organized series of protest actions against their bosses in demand of L$ 1 million that they claim was reportedly siphoned by the leadership of the Liberian Senate.

The aggrieved staffer’s spokesperson, Charles Brown, issued the threat yesterday following a called meeting with Pro-temp Albert Chie and some members of the Liberian Senate in the Joint Chambers.

The aggrieved staffers’ agitation was triggered by former Senator Alphanso Gaye’s investigative report disclosed by Senator Chie in which he indicated that Executive through the Ministry of Finance had harmonized the money in question unknown to the members of the Liberian Senate.

Brown claimed that  the reported ‘Gaye’s Report’ is unacceptable, unrealistic, and untruth  because when we met Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor who contacted  folks from Ministry of Finance, we were made to know that the Legislature was never part of the harmonization process contrary to what Bomi County Senator, Morris Saytumah had told us.”

“We, the 802 staffers at the Liberian Senate, will not agree with Alphanso Gaye’s investigative report because we have been told openly and secretly that our salary was not harmonized. Wherever and whoever in possession of our 16-month salary arrears must be made to pay retroactively,” Charles Brown warned.

“On Wednesday, we want nothing but for you, Pro-temp, to explain how our money will be paid retroactively beginning next month; other than that, there will be an unspecified action beginning this Thursday. Our action will replicate Archie Ponpon’s action; though not to set ourselves ablaze like he did, we could lie under you, Pro-temp Chie’s, vehicle and other leaders’ vehicle as well,” he alerted. 

The aggrieved staffers blasted the Senate’s Ways, Means and Finance Chairperson, Saytumah of reneging on resolving the ongoing impasse over their demands due to his inability to provide information relative to getting their just salary and benefits as well as his incapability to relate to staffers whenever he is questioned.

“Senator Saytumah, you and myself are from Bomi County but to be honest, you are an embarrassment to Bomi County. You are the cause  for all these things; what will it cause you as Ways, Means and Finance head to ask the Executive to restore whatever monies that were legislated by this Senate?,” Brown descended on his kinsman.

 But in response, the Pro-temp said while it true, the Liberian Senate promised to ensure that their demands are amicably resolved, they should also cautioned that this CDC-led government will not tolerate any violent protest or protests that intent to   stop any employee who are not part of the protest from doing his/her job.

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