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Pro-temp Chie Threatens
River-cess Senator

By Alex Yomah
River-cess County renowned journalist and former Superintendent, now turned politician, Wellington Geevon-Smith’s friendship with the Senate Pro-temp Albert Chie is said to have been ruined seemingly due to ‘disrespect.’
The Senate Pro-temp, Albert Chie on Tuesday threatened to mute his colleague from River-Cess County, Wellington Geevon-Smith.
According to report, Smith and Pro-temp alliance was so sturdy to the extent that he was awarded his first jeep when he was pronounced winner of the By-election by the National Elections Commission-despite the challenges he was confronted with.
The Grand Kru County Senator’s action and inaction was triggered by Senator Wellington Smith’s alleged rowdy behavior exhibited towards the Pro-temp in session.
Due to Smith’s failure to adhere to Pro-temp’s request, he said, “If you fail, the day you want to talk in session, I won’t recognize you” and in addition to that, he was heard in low tone saying, “You don’t know power.”
According to our legislative reporter, during a revolving and sampling views during a heated debate on the Roberts International Airport on its structural and management report submitted by River-gee County Senator, a team leader, Jonathan Sogbie in which 98% of senators spoke in session, Senator Smith was secretly heard by the Pro-temp and other colleagues close to him including our reporter making reckless comments against Pro-temp “Stating that he has been denied several times despite seeing and raising his hands but chose to ignore him.”
This statement perhaps got him [Chie] furious which among other things, led him to halt his usual gyrating process to call on Smith to book thereby compellingly him to talk what he had in mind that impelled his statement, but in a shameful manner, he rather rejected.
The Pro-temp in several attempts asked Senator Smith to speak and he even went as far as raising his voice against Smith several times but Smith deliberately disallowed his request.
Though Mr. Smith was seen haughty to Senator Chie but observers attributed to his action to dissatisfaction due to the manner and form he [Pro-temp Chie] bashed at him in open session.

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