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Private Schools’ Teachers Stimulus Package Ends Jan. 12

The government says about 15, 700 private schools’ teachers risk forfeiting the stimulus package of US$1 million if any school fails to meet the requirements.
The Ministry of Education said it will not compromise the requirements set forth as the money is intended for private schools’ teachers.
The package which was announced since last September according to the Ministry is not for the schools itself or public schools’ teachers who were receiving payments during the course of the pandemic.
The requirements include are a National Identification Card issued by the National Identification Registry (NIR) and have mobile money account with any of the GSM companies in the country.
The beneficiary must correspond with what his/her employer’s payroll up to March, 2020 and schools applying for the package must have been registered and have a permit issued by Education Ministry.
Education Minister, Dao Ansu Sonii, making the disclosure on Thursday, December 31, 2020, he said the burden of prove now rest with those private schools’ teachers to meet the criteria as set forth by the government.
Meanwhile, Dr. Sonii said dozens of private schools have applied since October 12, 2020 and that the process has started with teachers receiving their payments through mobile money, but those who have not done theirs have up to January 12, 2021 and thereafter no document will be accepted.
He stated among many things that, of the 15, 700 teachers, 5,000 are holders of the National Identification Card while the 7, 000 either have Lonestar MTN or Orange mobile money accounts.
Sonii indicated that for now only 4,395 were eligible and are receivers of the package since processing began with the receipt applications from the private schools.
He then warned those private schools’ teachers that they have from January 12, to April 12, 2021 to obtain both their National Identification Card and mobile money accounts.

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