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Prison Security Make Demands For Job Benefits

By. Solomon T. Gaye
The working relationship among correctional officers working with the Central Prison in Sanniquellie, Nimba, under the Ministry of Justice, has drastically deteriorated, as officers have grown disenchanted over the alleged failure of the government to settle their job benefits, going as far as rejecting prisoners in the process.
Speaking to this Paper in Sanniquellie, several of the senior officers complained of being denied their benefits by Justice Minister, Frank Musa Dean, in the tune of L$64,000 for each officer working at the central prison.
According to the senior officers, Minister Dean allegedly diverted incentive provided by NEC for the Joint Security and denied correction officers their share of the funds allocated for the October 10, 2023 General Elections, threatening not to admit prisoners sent for detention by the court until their benefits are paid.
“We will only release prisoners to go home for humanity’s sake, but we will not allow any prisoners to appear in court until each officer’s L$64,000 is paid,” the officers asserted.
Since the protest started a week ago, about twenty prisoners that were sent to the central prison by various magisterial courts, pending court trial, were rejected by the prison security, in demands of their job benefits, while they also complained of over crowdedness.
“The prison was built to host 75 inmates, but about 215 inmates are here under detention, pending court trial,” the prison security disclosed.
Government Prosecutor and County Attorney, John Miah, spoke along the same lines, confirming that the prison security assigned at the central prison in Sanniquellie refused to accept prisoners and release prisoners pending court trial for court hearing for the November term of court session.
“About 14 prisoners, five murder suspects among them, sent by the court, pending court trial, for detention, were rejected by the central prison security,” County Attorney Miah disclosed.
All efforts to get the Justice Minister’s side of the story have proven futile up to press time.

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