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Presidential Gesture To Fire Victims Stirs Confusion In Nimba

By Solomon T. Gaye Sr.
Tension seems to be brewing again in Ganta, Nimba County between fire victims and the custodian of the oil depot warehouse, over some US$ 3, 900.
Speaking on behalf of fire victims, Ophelia Martor, expressed dissatisfaction over the refusal of Morgan Kerdiah to account for the US$ 3, 900 given to him by President George Weah to compensate marketers whose goods were burned in the Dunba Field Warehouse in Ganta, Nimba County.
Madam Martor added that since the arrival of the oil depot manager, Morgan Kerdiah, he had switched off his phone allegedly to escape with the cash and create serious hardship for marketers who now find it extremely difficult to sustain their families.
Speaking in separate remarks, Grace B. Dahn and Beauty Flomo explained that they were informed by Representative Larry Younquoi, that President Weah had made available some cash for fire victims but Kerdiah is nowhere to be found.
Speaking further to this paper, Madam Dahn explained that the case was reported to the Ganta City Mayor, Amos Suah and after the investigation; Kerdiah was turned over to the Police but that Superintendent Nelson Korquoi ordered his release.
When this paper contacted Mayor Suah via mobile phone, he explained that Kerdiah allegedly used the cash that was given to him because according to the Mayor, Kerdiah admitted receiving US$ 3, 900 from the President but has refused to disclose how said money was used or what happened upon his arrival with the money in the county.
When Princeton Gonpue of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) was contacted, he confirmed the arrest and detention of Kerdiah but denied releasing him upon the order of Superintendent Korquoi and explained that Kerdiah was bailed to go and look for the money while the investigation is still ongoing.
When this paper contacted Kerdiah via mobile phone, he explained that the case has been partly settled and that he has given LD. 14, 000 to seven of the marketers.

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