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President Weah Honors Outgoing International Diplomats

George Manneh Weah, on Monday, December 21, honored outgoing United Nations (UN) Resident Coordinator in Liberia and the Special Representative of the President of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission in a colorful investiture ceremony at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Ambassador Babatounde Ajisomo is the outing Special Representative of the President of ECOWAS Commission while  Ambassador Kinsley Opoku Amaning is an outgoing Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Liberia. 

President Weah, who is Grand Master of the Order of Distinction, admitted Mr. Ajisomo into the Humane Order of African Redemption with the Grade of Grand Commander, while Dr. Amaning was admitted into the Humane Order of the Star of Africa with the Grade of Grand Commander.   

President Weah said the decision to honor the two diplomats was in recognition of their respective distinguished services rendered humanity, particularly the nation and people of Liberia during their respective tenures. 

The President indicated the government and people will miss the two men for the professional and dedicated manner in which they conducted themselves in service to the government and people of Liberia during their stay in the country. 

“We have gathered here today in this investiture program to say thanks to two of the most outstanding diplomats that are ever assigned to Liberia, Babatounde Ajisomo, Special Representative of the President of the ECOWAS Commission and Kinsley Opoku Amaning, Resident Coordinator of the United Nations in Liberia.” 

He stressed how proud Liberians are for the diplomats’ dedicated, exemplary, and hardly effective service to Liberia. 

Dr. Weah stated: “Your respective citations reflect that you have had an effectively brilliant and extensive careers throughout many decades, posted to many countries and organizations around the world.” 

He said Liberia was extremely blessed and fortunate to have had the two men serving at the very peak of sustained national and international efforts towards finding practical solutions to the many challenges Liberia faced during their respective tenures here. 

President Weah also acknowledged that Ambassador Ajisomo and Dr. Amaning were instrumental in helping the government with its Pro-poor agenda by ensuring that peace prevailed at all times, and that violence was not used to settle difference, but rather promoted dialogue as the surest and principal means of conflict resolution. 

President Weah observed: “In this task, they were remarkably effective and successful, many times leaving the safety of their diplomatic missions and placing themselves at personal risks on the streets of Liberia, which was a true example of hands-on diplomacy.” 

The Liberian Leader reminded the outgoing diplomats that they have been the familiar faces and voices of the United Nations and ECOWAS’ quest for peace and economic development. 

President Weah said the two men also lend strong support for the protection of the rights of girls and women and the under-privileged in society. 

In separate responses, the honorees thanked President Weah, the government and people of Liberia for the honor bestowed upon them, and promised to remain in touch with in whatever capacities they would occupy. 

They called on the people of Liberia to continue to work for the sustenance of peace and consolidation of democracy. 

The program was attended by several officials of government, family members of the honorees and well-wishers as well as former Vice President Joseph Boakai and the head of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings.

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