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“Presidency Not Vacation Job”

The Liberian presidency is not a vacation job or a retirement job. It is a job to actually work for change in the lives of the suffering masses,” says Mr. Alexander Cummings.
The presumptive Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) said, “The job of the President is not to lead his people to steal but to stop his officials from stealing.”
Cummings, the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), wrote on social media Wednesday, April 20 promising to end corruption by public officials and stressed, “A Cummings Presidency will certainly end the stealing by public officials, or stack up the prisons, if we have to do so.
He said under President Weah, Liberia has repeatedly performed poorly in the rankings of the Global Corruption Perception Surveys which lists the country as amongst the most corrupt in the world, and has been cited, especially by US Government as being corrupt and doing very little to stop the “stealing including from poor and hungry Liberian babies.”
A recent report of the Global Fund exposed corruption at the Liberian Ministry of Health including diversion of support for sick Liberian mothers and babies.
Cummings has made fighting corruption, which he repeatedly calls “stealing from poor and suffering Liberians”, a high priority in his touted Real Change Is Coming Wuest for the Liberian Presidency through elections in 2023. President Weah is running for a second term. The former two-term octogenarian Vice President of Liberia who is said to be in declining health has also announced his bid for the Presidency.
In an apparent reaction on Wednesday Cummings said, said, “I have seen Liberia’s potentials. I have lived in countries with far less than what God has blessed our country to have; and have seen those countries develop and improve the lives of their people not by complaining about what they lacked but by good and determined leaderships.”
He added: “Here at home, I continue to see how the country’s resources are being grossly mismanaged and how the lack of good leadership have left many Liberian mothers, fathers, children and babies trapped in recycled poverty, and how it has drained Liberians of hope.”
“My heart breaks from the needless suffering of Liberians and the backwardness which many have been forced to unfairly endure,” the Presidential aspirant said noting, “I am desperate to change Liberia”; noting, “Liberia and Liberians deserves better.”
“We will change the direction of our country and improve the living conditions of our people. I make no apologies to anyone for this”, the presumptive CPP Standard Bearer said, adding, “Liberia is too rich for its people to be so poor and too blessed to be so cursed because of leadership deficit, that only look after itself, its political friends and relatives.”
“We are too wealthy to be beggars. This foolishness we continue to do to ourselves must end. I promise you a Cummings administration will end it,” Cummings concluded.

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