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“Presidency Is For Prepared People” …Says Proposed Party Leader; Sells Himself

The battle for who becomes the next leader of Liberia in the 2023 legislative and presidential elections is attracting more attention as the time is imminent.
Some parties are forming coalitions and alliances, while very wealthy and prominent individuals are emerging in some parties as a means of boosting their chances of defeating the Coalition for Democratic Change and replacing George M. Weah as President of Liberia.
Among the new faces is the leader of the proposed All Liberians Destiny Party (ALDP), Jacob S. Kwateh who is urging electorates to focus more on the preparedness of individual candidates rather than on wealth or popularity.
He stressed that because someone is wealthy is no guarantee that such person will be a good leader; also being popular is no characteristics of a good politician; nor serving long in government, an emblem of a good leader.
“The Presidency is a state of mind. You must have these three things to be a good leader: preparedness, consciousness, readiness. It’s not a popularity contest. It’s not a monetary contest. It’s a preparedness contest, a readiness contest. A consciousness contest,” the proposed ALDP leader maintained.
“Not just anybody can be a good leader or president. A good leader is conscious or aware of the difficulties, pains or sufferings of his subjects; he is ready at all times to listen to the complaints and cries of his subjects; and above all; a good leader is prepared to work assiduously to alleviate the sufferings of his subjects even at his displeasure,” he added.
“That’s why I will be running for the Presidency in 2023 because I’m prepared and ready to lead our people out of abject poverty or dependency syndrome created by greedy and selfish politicians into a prosperity future,” Kwateh sounded.
According to him, there are people who doubt his ambition, judging him not on the basis of his leadership abilities but on wealth and popularity saying: “You are neither wealthy nor popular, then why are you wasting your time?”
“But I believe that Liberia is facing enormous challenges that require a bold, honest, service-driven leadership with the mindset to do things differently, rather than a rich and popular leader that is unprepared to handle the challenges,” he said further.
The ALDP leader noted that after 174 years of corrupt leaders, the country needs a leader like him who will build unity, love, motivate the citizens to be honest, accountable as well as promote morality, truth, justice and service to country with determination to effect the change so desired.
Jacob Seyon Kwateh holds a Master of Science Degree (MS) in General Human Services- with specialization in Social and Community Services from Capella University USA; Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree double majoring in Political Science and Global Studies- minoring in Afro-American African Studies from the University of Minnesota and an Associate Degree (AA) in Information Technology from High Tech Institute in USA.
He is currently the CEO of Destiny Helper Foundation (DHF), an international non-governmental organization; Secretary General-Movement of Liberians Against Corruption (MOLAC) a diaspora advocacy group calling for good governance in Liberia and denouncing corruption and impunity.
He served as a two-term president, African Student Association (ASA) University of Minnesota; Active Member, United Nations and International Global Studies Students Association, University of Minnesota among others.

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