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Pregnant Woman Stabbed Over LEC Token

By Precious D. Freeman
A three-month old pregnant woman identified as Hannah Sunba was viciously gashed with a razor blade by a co-tenet also identified as Kebbah Mulbah.

The victim was rushed to the Catholic Hospital to seek medical attention following the incident which took place on May 30, 2023 thereby sending shocked into the entire 540 community in Congo Tow.

According eyewitnesses, it all started as a result of a heated argument between Hannah and the alleged assailant over the purchase of Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) token.

Kebbah was arrested by the police and is in police custody undergoing investigation while the horrifying assault left the victim with deep cuts on her upper back and the right shoulder inflicted by two razor blades.

According to an eye witness and a sister to the victim, Annisatu Bonnie, Kebbah and Hannah are tenants who take terms recharging the electricity meter to be used by everyone residing together.

“I recharged a US$5 token for the meter on Saturday at 9 PM. The next morning, Kebbah approached me and requested that we disconnect Hannah’s breaker since she (Hannah) was not the one who had recharged the meter,” Annisatu narrated.

She said she was surprise at Kebbah’s demand, noting that Kebbah herself had not recharged the meter when she should have.
“Instead of listening to me, she went to Hannah’s apartment and instigated a fight, which resulted to the physical altercation,” Annisatu noted.

MS. Bonnie revealed that Kebbah had previously issued threats to Hannah, promising to harm her and cause lasting injury.
She observed that distraught by the escalating situation, she took her sister to her kitchen and advised her to let go of the conflict. However, after few minutes, she heard her sister desperately crying for help.

“When I rushed to her, I noticed she was injured and bleeding profusely,” she noted. This is a FEJAL/ USAID Media Activity.

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