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Postal Affairs Gears up To Resume Work

The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, in anticipation of the resumption of flights to Liberia, has embarked on a cleaning up campaign to enable the staff from the postal department return to work.
According to the Ministry, once flights begin to come to Liberia, they will be bringing mails and letters from oversea and the ministry is under obligation from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) postal resolution to deliver inbound and outbound mails from in and out of Liberia.
Over the weekend, the administration ordered a cleaning up exercise in preparation to accept inbound and outbound mails at the Ministry as SN Brussels is expected to bring its first batch of parcels.
The vigorous cleaning up campaign included the scrubbing of all offices from first to third floor, bathrooms, entry points for customers, and staff. The section responsible to handle mails was also disinfected in line with Health protocols to curtail the spread of the Corona virus.
Meanwhile, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah Sr. has earlier instituted measures for customers and workers to abide by.
Some of those measures include regular washing of hands with soap and clean water or use sanitizer while entering the building, wear a facemask every time you go out in the public and avoid public gathering to help stop the spread of the disease.
The Ministry has promised to abide by all health protocols to help curtail the spread of the virus.
It can be recalled that, the Ministry in connection with the Ministry of Information and other health authorities launched a website for everyone in and out of Liberia to obtain first-hand information on Corona Virus. The link is actively working as

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