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Poro Devil Releases District Commissioner In Nimba

The Ministry of Internal Affairs office in Sanniquellie has disclosed the release of Commissioner Wonmen Yealue, from poro bush after being kidnapped by members of that society in Nimba County.
“Commissioner Wonmen Yealue, of Sanniquellie Mah District is hereby released. The Traditional Chief Council that is clothed with the authority to deal with such traditional issues deal with such issue according to tradition. Commissioner Wonmen Yealue is now a free man and can go about his normal business in the district,” MIA County Inspector Mack Gblinw disclosed.
Speaking to this paper via mobile phone, MIA County Inspector Mack Gblinw explained that Commissioner Wonmen Yealue was kidnapped and spent six days in the hands of the poro devil members in the poro bush.
According to Radio Nimba, he was kidnapped by poro members while touring Sanniquellie going to his home town in Gbelay Geh District in Nimba County.
When quizzed by this paper, County Inspector Mack Gblinw remained tightlipped over the health condition and circumstances that led to the release of the Commissioner.
Commissioner Wonmen Yealue was appointed by President George Manneh Weah in 2018 to serve as District Commissioner for Sanniquellie Mah in Nimba County.

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