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Police, Zogos Clash Scares Kakata Residents
…As 1 Killed, Several Wounded

Police, Zogos Clash Scares Kakata Residents
…As 1 Killed, Several Wounded
Reports emanating from Margibi, Kakata yesterday say calm has returned to Kakata City following an hour of shooting between police officers and a group believed to be gangsters.
Early yesterday, a group believed to be ‘at-risk-youth’ ransacked the Kakata Police Detachment due to report that officers of the Police shot and killed one of the Zogos and wounded several others.
The brief brawl between the Police and Zogos resulted to the death of a suspected criminal believed to be in his 20s.
According to a dispatch, police officers reportedly shot and killed a suspected criminal, a situation which prompted the gang of Zogos to attack and ransack the Kakata Detachment Headquarters.
The police were left with no options but to flee the station for their own safety as they could not control the angry crowd as they called to Monrovia for a backup team.
The police officers in Kakata abandoned the police station as the angry at-risk-youth allegedly took seize of the station for a while until calm later retuned.
“The capital of Kakata began a scene of lawlessness as the law regulators escaped leaving everyone to fight their own fight,” our reporter transmitted.
It was not known if there has been any arrest of suspected criminal since the incident on Monday morning but to some extent the attack on the police stations before, during and after the departure of the international stabilization force (UNMILI) is not a strange matter.
There have been similar attacks on various police stations either by suspected criminals or by angry mob leading to the destruction of lives and properties many times in areas like Weala, Zorzor, Gbarnga, Sanniquellie, Greensville, Harper, Zwedru, Monrovia, Voinjama and other places across the country.

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